Childbirth Essay Topics

Assignment on Maternal Mortality

At first this is necessary to compare the ongoing maternal mortality rate among the South Asian countries and then a comparative study on Bangladesh to find out (in between 2001-2010) the areas where maternal mortality rate is successfully declined and where is still to work. From this chart we get a picture that Sri Lanka… View Article

Childbirth and Preterm Infants

Discuss disparities related to ethnic and cultural groups relative to low birth weight infants and preterm births. Describe the impact of extremely low birth weight babies on family and society (short and long term, including economic considerations, ongoing care considerations, and co-morbidities associated with prematurity). Discuss whether you feel that support services and systems in… View Article

Discussion Questions

To you, what is the importance of transference and counter transference? ‘Transference’ is the unconscious transfer of emotions feelings and attitudes from one person to another person in a situation, an ideal example of transference would be the transfer of emotional and personal feelings including, love, affection, hatred or anger from a patient receiving treatment,… View Article

Post Partum Haemorrhage (PPH)

Introduction: Post partum haemorrhage (PPH) is an obstetrical emergency that can follow vaginal or cesarean delivery. It is a major cause of maternal morbidity and one of the top three causes of maternal mortality in both high and low per capital income countries, although the absolute risk of death in much lower in high income… View Article

Postpartum: Childbirth and Marie Wilson Marie

Marie Wilson, a 34-year-old female client who is gravida 4, para 3, is transferred to the postpartum unit two hours after a prolonged 14-hour labor and forceps delivery of a male infant weighing 9 lb, 2 oz. The placenta was intact upon delivery. The labor and delivery nurse reports that Marie was catheterized for 600… View Article

The Importance of Imitation

It is absolutely necessary for humans to imitate others before they can become original and creative. Imitation is instinct for all animals and is used as a way to learn. Animals that leave their young before they have had a chance to develop have a much higher mortality rate than species that stay and teach… View Article

Reproductive Health Bill Philippines

When I hear the RH Bill, What comes to my mind? I must say that I am in favor to this law in the Philippines . This law means having control of the growing population in the Philipines and this will lessen poverty due to the lesser family members. The law states that the people… View Article

Student Duties

This is an interesting chapter and its final conclusion surprises me. It pointed that a supersuccessful layer would possess three features: born in Jewish immigrant family, born during a demographic trough (1930s), and his parents worked for garment industry. This conclusion looks insane at the first glance, but it is so convincing after reading examples… View Article

African American and Haitian Heritage

There are many different beliefs and values with the African American Culture compared to the Haitian Culture relating to child bearing and pregnancy. Both of the cultures have history of having large families in the rural areas, which was viewed as a necessary necessity because of the economic pressures each culture went though. The African… View Article

The Pros and Cons of Home Birth

The demand for natural child birth and giving birth outside of the hospital setting is increasing in the United States. However it is a topic that remains controversial. There is no shortage of glowing stories from happy mothers of safely home birthed babies, but there are horror stories as well. Planned home births are generally… View Article

Safe Motherhood

T’boli’s (Tagabili) and Bilaan (Bla’an – opponent people) are the indigenous people of South Cotabato in Southern Minadano. They are scattered in many municipalities of South Cotabato mainly in Lake Sebu and T’boli. They strive to uphold their traditional ways of living, their values, and distinctive culture as well as health practices even while living… View Article

Postpartum Hemorrhage

Postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) is a significantly life-threatening complication that can occur after both vaginal and caesarean births (Ricci & Kyle, 2009). Simpson and Creehan (2008) define PPH as the amount of blood loss after vaginal birth, usually more than 500mL, or after a caesarean birth, normally more than 1000mL. However, the definition is arbitrary, attributed… View Article

Disadvantages during Pregnancy

Depression during pregnancy may result in drinking and smoking during pregnancy. A glass of wine or a puff on a cigarette is a part of many women’s social lives. But if you’re pregnant, whatever you take into your body reaches your baby too. Alcohol and smoking can all have a negative effect on developing babies…. View Article

Respiratory Distress in Newborn

Respiratory problem are often the case in newborns. It accounts for nearly half of neonatal deaths. Research by Kumar & Bhat (1996, p. 93) states that Respiratory Depression (RD) is a common neonatal problem that generally occurs in preterm infants due to surfactant deficiency which relates to antenatal history of immature lung development and term… View Article

Pelayo Vs. Lauron 12 Phil 453

Facts: On November 23, 1906 the plaintiff, Mr. Arturo Pelayo, a physician, has filed a case against the defendants, Mr Marelo Lauron and Mrs. Juana Abella. The case that was filed, was about the services rendered of Mr. Arturo Pelayo for the night and the day after of October 13, 1906 where the plaintiff was… View Article