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Chesapeake Essay Examples

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New England and the Chesapeake Colonies

When Jamestown was originally settled, and when the Mayflower landed, the colonists who emerged from the ships had huge plans and tremendous goals for what would come of their own colony. However, although both settled regions were the new homes to a majority of the English, two separate societies formed. In New England, the colonists…

Why the New England and Chesapeake Regions Were Different

Many new settlements were rapidly being colonized by Europeans in the 16th century. The two major European colonies were the New England and Chesapeake regions. The New England and Chesapeake regions were both settled by people of the English origin, but by the 1700’s the two colonies drifted to become to distinct societies. What was…

A Comparison between New England Colony and Chesapeake Bay Colony

In 1607 the first British colony was founded in North America and settled in Maryland and Virginia. This colony, known as the Chesapeake Bay colony, was colonized and settled by the English men of Anglican Church beliefs. Later in 1630 a wave of English men, women and children settled in the areas of Main, Massachusetts,…



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Jamestown Colony vs. Chesapeake Bay Colony

In the early seventeenth century two separate groups founded two very different colonies. The first to be colonized was the settlement of Jamestown, located on the Chesapeake Bay which is in present day Virginia. Just over a decade later the colony of Plymouth was founded on what is now known as Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Though…

New England and Chesapeake Regions

Although New England and the Chesapeake regions were both settle largely by people of English origin, the two regions developed differently. Certainly they eventually evolved into similar modern societies. However in their early years, they were very different. Thus, by 1700, the New England and Chesapeake regions had developed into two separate and distinct societies…

The Chesapeake and New England regions

By the 1700s the English came to the New World and settled in The Chesapeake and New England regions. The lives of the people settled in these regions were centered on two dissimilar lifestyles. Distinctive differences between these regions were in expectations, beliefs, and social cultures. The differences created a clear cut between North and…

New England and the Chesapeake region

The New World was a marvel and a chance to make it big in the 1600s. England took its gamble at building colonies in the unsettled region of what is now the east coast. It then was separated into two regions, New England and the Chesapeake. Even though they were both founded by the English,…

Indentured Servants in the Chesapeake Colonies

The life of the indentured servant was at best hazardous and full of pitfalls. There was not one sole factor that would determine the life success or failure of this class of people, but a instead it was determined be a series of random qualities and experiences. For example, as we will see with John…

Is the Chesapeake Bay at risk?

The earth has witnessed a continued increase in its average surface and aerial temperatures, a phenomenon observed since the periods of industrial revolution struck the globe. Scientists and other experts on climate issues have even projected a further increase in this warming effect (Global warming) coupled with very catastrophic events that only a few people…

The New England and the Chesapeake Regions Dbq

Throughout the 17th century, the newly settled colonies in North America continued to identify themselves as Europeans. But as colonial expansion progressed they assumed different identities. By the 1700’s, the typical religious spirit and family oriented lifestyle in New England set itself apart from the Chesapeake region, whose fertile land and extended growing season attracted…

The Chesapeake and New England Colonies

Although New England and the Chesapeake region were both settled largely by the people of English origin, by 1700 the regions had evolved into two distinct societies. These two colonies divided based on their values and goals for their future, New England believed in unity, religion, and family, while the Chesapeake region believed in success,…

Watersheds from Anacostia River in Washington DC to Chesapeake Bay

Among many watersheds in Maryland District, the following are the noted ones which flow from Anacostia river in Washington DC to the Chesapeake Bay: Anacostia River Watershed, Mattawoman Creek Watershed, Potomac River, Middle & Lower Tide Watershed, Piscataway Creek Watershed, Nanjemay Creek Watershed, Gilbert Swamp Watershed, Port Tobaco River Watershed, Zekiah Swamp Watershed, Wicomico River…

Indian Relations in Chesapeake and New England

In the 1600’s English settlers came to America seeking refuge, and land. Upon coming to America the settlers crossed paths with the natives and eventually lead to a variety of relationships. There were various factors that shaped the relations in certain regions such as the Chesapeake Bay and New England. The events that lead up…

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

The Fellowship of the Rings is the first volume of the three in the Lord of Rings. This trilogy is regarded as one of the finest fictional narratives of the twentieth century. The person that is considered The Lord of the Rings is Sauron, who lost the One Ring long ago that contained most of…

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