Chemicals Essay Topics

Enthalpy change of a displacement reaction

1. Experiment Number : 4 2. Date : 15/10/07 3. Title : Enthalpy change of a displacement reaction 4. Aims/Objective : To determine the enthalpy change of a displacement reaction (Between zinc and copper (II) ions) 5. Introduction : Excess zinc powder is added in a measured amount of aqueous copper (II) sulphate. The temperature… View Article

Electrochemistry experimen

Introduction: Redox reactions are reactions where the oxidation states of the atoms change. The atoms are either oxidized or reduced, depending if they lose or gain electrons. Electrochemical cells are devices that cause a current from redox reactions. It is set up so that electrons lost from one of the reagents can travel to another… View Article

Communicating laboratory procedures

Laboratory procedures and practices must be communicated in a laboratory, because to keep the risk as minimum as possible by storing the chemical products in an appropriate and safe manner. A staff member shall be responsible for all stored chemicals and their use. All products must be labelled so that the researcher can identify and… View Article

Certain chemicals

If the process of plate tectonics were to completely stop then the ability of the Earth to create mountains through the collisions of two different plates would stop as well. This would mean that erosion would eventually abrade these mountains and the amount of sediment created by this activity would eventually reach the numerous oceans… View Article

Hazardous Material Handling

Chemicals are found in all places; they are used to enhance crop production, distill drinking water, and simplify everyday chores. But chemicals can also be hazardous to the environment as well as to humans if released or used inappropriately. These hazards can take place during disposal, use, transportation, storage, or production.  If a chemical is… View Article

The toxicity of chemicals

Remedy I would not endorse hazardous waste landfill, waste treatment plant, deep injection well, or incinerators near a residential community because of the hazardous threats brought by the chemicals. Even though they are built so that the trash of chemical plants and the residue from pest control, there are some instance where there is a… View Article