Chemical Essay Topics

The enthalpy change of a reaction

This is the equation for the reaction I intend to find the enthalpy change for. As this particular reaction is very difficult to measure the enthalpy change by carrying it out (the decomposition of CaCO3 needs a temperature of over 800i?? C), I must use another method and it uses Hess’ Law. Hess’ Law States:… View Article

Changes of several household chemicals

REACTIONS OF SUCROSE WITH WATER AND HEAT Mixture/Solution Process Observations Sand, salt and water none -salt dissolves in water -some san  particles settle at bottom, others float in suspension -mixture is murky Sand, salt and water filtration -residue is sand -filtrate is salt water Salt water evaporation -solute is salt -solvent is water -water evaporates… View Article

The effect of temperature in catalyse activity

Enzymes are proteins that act as catalysts. They are made in cells. A catalyst is something that speeds up a reaction, but does not get used up in the reaction. One can usually be used many times. An example of this is shown in the following diagram: Prediction and Scientific Knowledge I predict, that if… View Article

Investigate concentration of amylase

This then suggests that f you double the concentration, you will double the enzymes therefore you will double the reaction rate. The lock and key theory applies to the process of how starch is broken down in to maltose. Only one enzyme is designed for one particular substance, therefore it cannot react to another substance…. View Article

Clamp and clamp stand

In this project I am going to investigate rates of reaction of an indigestion tablet when added to hydrochloric acid. The variable I am going to use will be the temperature of the acid. (All background knowledge used in this project was taken from previous experience – notes and experiments from work done in year… View Article

Different reactions

How quickly a reaction happens is called the rate of reaction. Chemical reactions take place when two or more chemicals react with one another by colliding with each other. The increase in temperature increases the amount of collisions between particles, this fastens the reaction. If a reaction has a low rate that means the molecules… View Article

Analysis of oxygen absorber

Introduction: In a moon cake package, there is often a packet of oxygen absorber provided with each moon cake. The oxygen absorber is usually used for food storage, because oxygen is the main substance which causes the degeneration of food. Some food contains fat or oil. When the food is exposed in air, the fat… View Article

CV: software professional

To achieve excellence in working as a software professional offering solutions to business using the best available technology where my analytical abilities , programming quest are used to maximum for growth of the organisation and to grow with the organisation. Professional Qualification: Bachelor of Chemical Engineering from Regional Engg. College, Durgapur, India(1992-96). Post Graduate Diploma… View Article

Emergency responses & Analysis of Chemical

Terrorism in the United States has emerged as a real threat because a lot can occur through the use of biological, chemical or nuclear weapons since each category has its own set of effects. Nuclear weapons can destroy lives almost instantly or their effects can be propagated into future generations. Biological terrorism is conducted by… View Article

Water resources

1) Describe the path a molecule of water might follow through the hydrologic cycle from the ocean Evaporation takes place and the water molecule is taken high up in the atmosphere, where temperatures are very low. Continued accumulation of the molecules of water saturates the air and hence rain clouds are formed though condensation process…. View Article

Еhe chemical weapons

Regarding the issue, the article that supports the chemical weapons presented that (1) some countries particularly US developed a program that aims for uncomplicated and more accessible ways to identify biological agents, and (2) chemical weapons can be used by nations in preparation for their defense against terrorism. On the other hand, chemical weapons are… View Article

Recrystallization lab report

Given the following solubility test results, which would be the best recrystallization solvent for Compound A? Why? Ethanol: Cold – soluble; Hot – soluble Water:Cold – insoluble; Hot – soluble Benzene:Cold – insoluble; Hot – insoluble Water would be the best recrystallization solvent for Compound A, because when doing recrystallization, it is important that the… View Article

Acid Base Extraction of Organic compound

Acid-base extraction is the process of purifying of an organic acid and an organic base of an organic mixture. It is the procedure using sequential liquid-liquid extraction to purify the acid and the base from the mixture based on their chemical properties and solubility of the molecular and ionic forms. Acid- base extraction is commonly… View Article

Identification of Unknown Organic Compound by Melting Point

The main objective of this lab is to identify the given unknown organic compounds with various methods. Identification of an unknown compound is important to perform through the process of melting point (M.P), boiling point (B.P) and Infrared spectroscopy (I.R). Index of Hydrogen deficiency (IHD) and elemental analysis makes an experiment more efficient in determination… View Article

Water Conclusion

In conclusion, after conducting the lab, the emergent properties of water were tested and proved. These trials and experiments were able to verify the adhesion, cohesion, polarity, temperature stabilization, solvency, and density changes exhibited by water. During the glass and wax paper lab, we observed the adhesive properties of water. When a droplet of water… View Article