Character Essay Topics

Things Fall Apart Character Response

Nigeria, an African country of a befuddling history, is the chosen setting for Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart. In the midst of the novel, readers find themselves audiences for a story of cultural collision. Many characters recoiled in sheer disgust and fright at the sudden outburst of British rule, while others embraced it wholeheartedly, yearning… View Article

In Jane Harrisons play Stolen

In Jane Harrison’s play, ‘Stolen’, the characters of Ruby, Anne and Jimmy are utilised in order to position the audience to feel sympathetic towards those affected by the ‘Stolen Generation’. Through her plot Harrison is able to demonstrate the pain faced by the characters. Furthermore, through her script, she is also able to show the… View Article

Growth and Development of Characters: Gustad Noble and Elaine Risley

In order to adapt in an ever-changing society, teeming with benevolence and intrigue, an individual must be able to adapt to differentiating surroundings. The human mind and body must grapple with disturbing memories or enthralling dramas of life. These thoughts are channelled through various emotions. Emotions are physical or mental expressions, often involuntary, related to… View Article

Great Expectations and April Raintree

A key theme in Great Expectations and April Raintree is the growth and change of the characters towards their acceptance of social class. This will be proven by Pip not accepting himself in the lower class and April not accepting herself in the native class. Then, there will be proof of how Pip and April… View Article

Shakespeare’s view of women

If we were to assume that Shakespeare’s depiction of Gertrude and Ophelia represents Shakespeare’s view of women, what strengths and weaknesses would he ascribe to women? Hamlet being one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays has only two women characters, Ophelia and Gertrude. Gertrude, who was Hamlet’s mother, and Ophelia who was Hamlet’s love, played a… View Article

What do these scenes show us about Benedick’s character?

Although in most of the play, Much ado about nothing, Benedick is unloving and clearly despises the thought of being in love in the two scenes, Act 4 scene 1 and act 5, scene 4 he acts differently. In these two scenes Benedick acts tender and caring towards Beatrice, his usual enemy. In this essay… View Article

Dubliners – Joyces depiction and portrayal of Dublin

‘He felt how useless it was to struggle against fortune…’ ‘A Little Cloud’ ‘There was no doubt about it: if you wanted to succeed you had to go away you could do nothing in Dublin.’ ‘A Little Cloud’ From your reading of ‘Eveline’, ‘Araby’ and ‘A Little Cloud’, write about Joyce’s depiction and portrayal of… View Article

How does Arthur miller show Abigails character in The Crucible

Throughout act one Abigail is the only character that is omnipresent. At first she seems to be an innocent child however it soon changes. As the play goes on we learn that Abigail is manipulative and cunning to get her own way. In addition she does this to persuade her uncle that she is innocent,… View Article

Is Shylock a Victim or a Villain?

Shylock: Victim or Villain? With close reference to at least three scenes examine Shakespeare’s presentation of Shylock. Is a villain someone who lends money to help others but then charges interest? Intending to receive a pound of human flesh resulting in certain death if a promise is broken, surely this is somebody who is viewed… View Article

The Inspector’s character

In the stage diagram I have tried to show this, and all the movements of the characters. I thought from the actual text of the play, and in the way the play’s stage directions are written, that the Inspector is trying to ease into the room so not focus attention on to himself, so it… View Article

Analyse Nora’s character throughout the play

In ‘A Doll’s House’ Ibsen’s use of language reflects on the dramatic change we see in Nora’s character. Ibsen uses issues that arose during the 19th century to construct themes and most importantly build up characters, all with their own distinctive language. Nora’s character changes from the beginning of the play to the end and… View Article

Billy Prior-Character Study

* Prior is introduced in chapter 5 and is portrayed as very defensive ‘he stares straight through you’ Pg 41. * Prior is a 22-year-old second lieutenant whose neurosis manifests itself, initially, through an inability to talk or remember the events, which have led to his breakdown. * His is of a working-class background but… View Article