Challenges Essay Topics

Energy Resource Challenges

Renewable energy is energy generated from natural resources, such as sunlight, wind, and biomass fermentation. These alternative energies do not harm the environment or wear out natural resources. In fact, these exploitable energies are derived from sources that have the capacity to replenish themselves, thus depicting them as infinite energy. Renewable energy is also identified… View Article

The significant challenges

The article of Gerler outlines the significant challenges of counseling in middle schools. He provides ideas and situations of concern that surrounds middle school students. Since this is the phase wherein changes begin to manifest among individuals as they transition towards adolescent level, issues such as relationships, drug and alcohol abuse, stress and experimentation comes… View Article

Theoretical Aspects and Challenges

The analysis of the proposition that an asset should be recognized in the balance sheet when it is probable that future economic benefits will flow to the entity and the asset has a cost or value that can be measured reliably and that the related expense should be recognized when incurred produces some insights useful… View Article

Challenges and Gaps

At the core of any discussion on the themes of globalization is education. The graduates or products of the institutions of learning, whether public or private, become responsible in carrying out research and development (R & D) in the world systems – information and communication, science and technology, environment, economy, politics, intercultural understanding and cooperation…. View Article

Moral Challenges

Morality is a highly contested topic in every day life. It can be defined as a thought process of making decisions based on one’s beliefs or desires shaped by one’s culture. A right or wrong moral decision can therefore be said to be a product of culture and law stipulated in a constitution and applied… View Article

Challenges and situations

In our day to day activities, we face different challenges and situations that demand our attention. In order to handle such challenges in a morally acceptable manner, without intentionally causing harm to all the partners involved, we have to be well informed about what morality expects of us. Fundamentally, almost all decisions raise ethical questions… View Article

Current Challenges of Industry

My area of interest is finance with special interest in banking. I will therefore highlight and discuss the current challenges in banking sector. Firstly, as competition among banks grows speedily, there is a challenge of keeping the initial customers and maintaining a high inflow of new customers for a bank to live. There is a… View Article