CD Essay Topics

Comparing two Cd’s

Nelly produced 2 CD’s called Sweat and Suit. He then made the combination of the two using both CD covers to make one. On the Sweat Cd he portrays himself as a cool gangster. He’s wearing a white beeney hat and a white vest, giving him the image of a sexy, muscular and strong man…. View Article

Length vs resistance

I am particularly not happy with the result where I got 125% as that is a lot higher than the rest of the values I obtained. Finally, I can also prove that resistance is proportional to length through the formula with R being resistance, ? being resistivity, L equalling to length and A equalling to… View Article

The experiment safe

In every day lives we come across a number of different objects that are bouncing, colliding and in motion. All these are attributable to the energy changes involved in the process thus obeying the law of conservation of energy. The law of conservation of energy states that ‘energy can neither be created nor destroyed’ and… View Article

Step By Step Guide On Making A CD Case For D+T Resistant Materials

1. Find right equipment; ruler, chisel, sand paper, glue, pine and ply 2. Measure the right lengths of wood and then cut into 4 separate parts 250mm for the lengths and 170mm for the widths Equipment needed; Ruler, saw, pencil 3. Create a rectangle for the main frame-using lap joints (250mm high and 170mm in… View Article

Macromedia DreamWeaver

After hearing the talk with John Burton a Director from the Varndean e-learning company. I have learnt that Varndean if a fairly small company compared to other large manufactures. John’s Role in Varndean e-Learning is a shared one. As the company is a relatively small one they all share roles. But John writes interactive Learning… View Article