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Cause and Effect of Bullying Essay

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Cause and Effect of Bullying

Bullying is when one individual enforces their dominance over another individual repeatedly. Bullying is a serious matter that millions of hours of research and prevention programs have been put into. Researchers try and figure out what motivates someone to be so cruel to fellow person. When a bully presents their dominance over the victim it is not always because they are arrogant or naturally evil. Sometime when someone is being a bully it is a cry for help, a self esteem boost, jealousy or a way to cope with them being a victim to bullying. When someone bullies another person they are trying to be funny or cool and impress the other people around them. As well the bully could be a victim themselves and the way they deal with their own problem is doing the same thing to someone inferior. In some cases the bully is unaware of the seriousness of their actions. The causes of bullying cause traumatic effects on the victims.

Being a victim to bullying is a traumatizing event that will stay with the victim for the rest of their lives. Bullying creates insecurities to the victims and makes the victims hate certain traits about themselves that they get picked on or teased about. In reality it makes them unique. In younger ages a victims schooling can be harmed because the child would not want to go to school because that is the place where they get bullied. Bullying does not just create emotional pain to the victims but it can create psychological pain as well. Bullying can cause mental illness such as depression and give you a very low self confidence. In very serious cases of bullying the victim may encounter suicidal thoughts, attempt or suicide itself. These are all short term and during the bullying stage. This mortifying event can come back and haunt the victim and create post trauma disorder or self destructive behavior and substance abuse. Bullying is a very serious matter that affects the victims dramatically.

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