Catherine Essay Topics

Catherine’s wedding

In act two of the play the family has really broken apart. Beatrice and Eddie barely speak and Catherine and Rodolfo have their first argument. They argue because what Eddie said to Catherine about Rodolfo using her for a passport has really made her think, now that she knows one day they will get married,… View Article

A View from the Bridge

Catherine’s response is immediate denial and hurt at his allegation. She “sobs”, demanding that he “stops” as they enter the house. This scene is a turning point in their relationship. For the first time, Catherine is defying Eddie’s superiority, choosing instead not to believe his claims. Being in a serious relationship, she has begun to… View Article

Eddie and Catherine

When Catherine has a conversation with Beatrice about her behaviour in front of Eddie, Beatrice offers Catherine some advice that she not only doesn’t like, but also that comes as a complete shock to her. Beatrice explains to her that Eddie thought that she was possibly ‘jealous or something’ towards Catherine, because of the strong… View Article

A View from the Bridge

Marco is married and has got two children whilst Rodolfo is still single. When, both Catherine and Rodolfo see each other, it is almost like love at first site. Catherine uses flirtatious procedures to convey to the audience that she feels somewhat of him. When she starts using these actions, “High heels” Eddie does not… View Article

Desperation to help Catherine

Manliness is a belief that you are a man, and for any one else to be a man too, they should be somewhat like you. Hostility is open hatred and enmity. These two are linked when a man believes that he is a true man, and he sees another man as not being a true… View Article

Now we Settle for Half

A dispute may only end when one side has been defeated. The side can be destroyed through raw fighting or peaceful legal actions. In the play, “A View from the Bridge,” the battle is between two prominent characters, Eddie and Marco whose objective is to get rid of each other using either justice or law…. View Article

View from the Bridge

A view from the bridge: a kind of metaphorical title – the obvious bridge is the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. Italian immigrants had been coming to New York for a long time and they tended to gather in communities as America is a very multi racial cosmopolitan area. Catherine’s aspirations are to cross the… View Article

Catherine financially

The stage directions show that Eddie is not happy with this, or in some ways disappointed that she is maturing so fast, and is perhaps frightened that she will be leaving him, and become independent. Eddie does not want her to be an independent woman or too mature, and in a way is protecting her…. View Article

Manliness, Hostility, Aggression

How are these ideas connected? “A View from the Bridge” was written in 1955 and is set in the 1940’s in Red Hook Brooklyn, a poor suburb of New York populated by a large Italo-American Community. There are lots of illegal immigrants living in this community, all pursuing the “American Dream”. Arthur Miller had spent… View Article

The Relationship between Eddie and Catherine

Catherine lives with her aunt Beatrice and uncle Eddie who are acting as her foster parents because both her real parents had died and she was too young to look after herself. Therefore Eddie and Beatrice bring Catherine up as if she was their own daughter. They live in an apartment in New York, America…. View Article

Catherine’s Monologue

A few minutes earlier, when I was dancing with Rodolpho to “Paper Doll,” I started thinking. I started thinking how much my life had changed these past few months, and how much I have changed. My life has changed in that I have two new people in it, one of which I think I love…. View Article

Convince Catherine

Rodolfo started singing for Catherine, but Eddie intercepted him when he says “Hey kid – hey, wait a minute –“showing that he’s surprised and also suggests that Eddie thinks it is not masculine for a guy to be singing. Eddie also says to Marco “They got guys all over the place, Marco. I mean.” A… View Article

Poor Vinny

What Eddie did was wrong. He snitched on my cousins who were only trying to make a living. He shouldn’t have died though. Not like that. Marco’s son is ill he needed money so I had to help them, I couldn’t leave them. I was so happy when they came. It had been so long…. View Article

Catherine and Rodolfo running

“Pack it up. Go ahead. Get your stuff and get outta here. ” Eddie orders Rodolfo to leave even though he is innocent of any wrongdoing. This is only out of quick response to cover up his mistake. This part of the scene out brings and distinguishes the whole outline of the play. It is… View Article

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Born “June 14, 1811”, “Harriet Beecher Stowe”, was born to “Roxana and Lyman Beecher” (Lakewood Public Library n. p. ). This seventh sibling has a famous brother, “Henry Ward Beecher”, who is a leader of the “abolitionist movement” (Lakewood Public Library n. p. ). She also has a sister, “Catherine Beecher” who fought for the… View Article