Categorical imperative Essay Topics

Kant Paper 2

In this assignment you are going to present Kantian arguments against the taking of recreational drugs that are currently illegal in the U. S. , such as heroin, cocaine, and ecstasy. Do not discuss laws or illegality; just stick to the questions as they are written and number your answers. Use the following maxim: In… View Article

Kant vs Mill

In the Foundation of the Metaphysics of Morals, the author, Immanuel Kant, tries to form a base by rejecting all ethical theories that are connected to consequences, and then focusing on our ethical motivations and actions. Kant wants to derive good characters out of contingently right actions. He believes that everything is contingent (everything can… View Article

Philosophy Notes on Kant

Morality is entirely determined by what someone wills because a good will is the only thing that is good with out provocations. Every other character trait is only morally good once we qualify it as such. Kant morality is all about what someone wills and not about the end result or consequence is. Someone can… View Article

Ethics of Kant and the Categorical Imperative

What is a categorical imperative? A categorical imperative is a moral obligation which is absolute and necessary in any moral situation and isn’t reliant on a singular person’s desires or wills. For Kant, categorical imperatives are the foundation for morality because they invoke “pure” reasons for our moral actions and decisions since each rational being… View Article

Kants Categorical Imperative

Kantian ethics is a deontological, absolute theory proposed by Immanuel Kant in the late 1700’s. Kant taught that an action could only count as the action of a good will if it satisfied the test of the Categorical Imperative. The categorical imperative is based around the idea to act solely for the sake of duty…. View Article