Cash Essay Topics

Non-cash expenditure

CASE 1 The effectiveness of the conceptual framework for the Financial Accounting Standards Board is high. Unfortunately, its effect to outsiders is limited. As already stated, the conceptual framework will aid in the setting of accounting standards. However, only internal persons of the Financial Accounting Standards Board are involved in the standard setting process. Therefore… View Article

United Metal Case

Take-aways 1. There are two ways of approaching the Case: One could EITHER look at the ‘Cash flows for Make decision’ and ‘Cash flows for Buy decision’ separately and then compare them, OR look at the ‘Incremental Cash Flows from Make rather than Buy decision’ (in one go). Note that the above approaches would be… View Article

Management of the Cash Position

Not only do these managers often have difficulty in comprehending sophisticated forecasting techniques, but the cash flows of their companies are usually dependent upon fewer customers and a smaller number of product lines than those of their larger competitors. Thus the cash flow pattern of the small firm is typically too unstable over time and… View Article

Internal Control for Outflows: Cash Disbursements and Investments

Cash Disbursements · Budgeting and Supervision The first step towards any business activity is planning and budgeting. The expenditure that is likely to be incurred for each activity or each department must be estimated and included in a budget for that activity/department. Not only the amount but also the type of expenditure that is applicable… View Article

The capital budgeting decision

How do we determine if cash flows are relevant to the capital budgeting decision? Any cash flows that are not incremental are not useful, and also are not used for decision in the capital budgeting. All investments are expected to earn a return that can be evaluated by comparing the future cash outflows and cash… View Article

The opening balance

In this cash forecast I will analyse where the Steve’s business can improve on whether they are making a profit or not. Also I need to identify where they have regular inflow and outflows and irregular inflow and outflows. I will also comment on how the fresh business can maintain more regular numbers. January and… View Article

Home Depot Inc. Case Analysis

Home Depot was founded in 1978 in Atlanta, Georgia. The company went public in 1981. Their stocks were first traded in OTC (Over-The Counter) and were subsequently listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1984. The Chain stores were warehouses that had huge amounts of building materials and home improvement products targeting customers that… View Article

Final Project: Business Portfolio Presentation

The following is a presentation of information about “Nick’s Mexican Restaurant”. I will be going into detail about certain things that matter within a business like the organization, potential legal or ethical issues, business culture, types of motivation, human resource management, technology, and operations and materials management. Introduction to Mexican FoodAlthough the restaurant will be… View Article

Operations Management at HOLLY FARM

1. Introduction This consultancy report is prepared for Holly Farm in order to improve its future business. In the second part of this report; ‘Evaluation of Current Operations and Gillian’s Business Strategy’ and ‘Conclusion’, Holly Farm’s operations will be critically evaluated in the aspect of current and future potential capacity constraints and any other operational… View Article

Corporation and Consolidated Cash Flow

ASC 830-230-55-1: This reference shows how to format and account for cash flows when a company has subsidiaries operating in foreign countries. It gives an example of a consolidated cash flow statement from a US based company and its two subsidiary companies. The reference explains how excess cash should be disclosed. A majority of the… View Article

Net present value

This essay will discuss the net present value (NPV), payback period (PBP) and internal rate of return (IRR) approaches for a project evaluation. It is often said that NPV is the best approach investment appraisal, which I why I will compare the strengths and weaknesses of NPV as well as the two others to se… View Article

Berkshire Threaded Fasteners Case

Berkshire Threaded FastenersBerkshire Threaded Fasteners Company has recently lost their president, John Magers. The resulting appointment of his inexperienced son Joe Magers has lead to the company’s loss of confidence. Brandon Cook is the recently appointed general manger who was hired to turn the company around after a loss of $70,000 in a good business… View Article

Analyse The Cash Flow And Highlight

Analyse the cash flow and highlight any problems that are evident such as a shortage of cash and any other cash flow problems his business might experience. (M1) In P3, a cash flow forecast for John Adams was created. A cash flow forecast is a simple statement showing opening balance, cash in, cash out and… View Article

The Investment Detective

The essence of capital budgeting and resource allocation is a search for good investments in which to place the firm’s capital. The process can be simple when viewed in purely mechanical terms, but a number of subtle issues can obscure the best investment choices. The capital-budgeting analyst is necessarily, therefore, a detective who must winnow… View Article

Ocean Carriers

Iron ore and coal imports will most probably decrease the upcoming year With the increasing supply of vessels should result in a market surplus By creating this surplus, prices will be driven down, since we will have limited demand and suppliers competing Average daily rates, based on historical numbers, have a direct relationship with the… View Article