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Case Study Analysis Paper Essay

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Case Study Analysis Paper

In this case study I am going to analyze what went wrong in a particular situation for one company. The new hire Carl Robins, seems as if he went in over his head maybe due to the fact that he is the newest recruiter. It looks like he may have tried to prove himself to his peers. It also seems as if Carl himself was not properly trained as to knowing, understanding and taking the proper steps when it comes to recruiting new hires. It seems as if the company does not take recruiting very seriously or else I think that the company might enforce policies and rules when it comes to recruitment.

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Things such as applications should have been properly filled out before and orientation was ever scheduled, applications are a basic requirement when it comes to applying for any job. Through basic communication the training manuals should be checked, changed, and updated frequently according to how often the company is recruiting new hires and last but not the least if the company had properly communicated that the conference room was blocked for maintenance Carl would have and should have known in advance through proper communication from upper management giving him the chance to properly schedule any training sessions.

If Carl had been properly trained on these issues he may not have panicked in this situation asking himself “what am I going to do”. Although it appears to be a lack of training in this case, Carl still had maybe 15 day in advance to at least start checking on things after he got the call from Monica he could have started on the project right then. Instead he procrastinated because he thought he had it under control, again going back to what I think was a lack of training on the company’s behalf. If properly trained he might have had a backup plan and immediately knew what to do if he found himself in such a situation as I am going to nalyze in this paper. Background When a company is hiring new people I am sure we would all like to think that, ok I am hiring an adult he/she will and should know what to do if ever crunched in any bad situation. That cannot and should not be assumed. Proper training is vital for any company. The training of employees is important and crucial for any company, simply because it majorly contributes to the success or failure of the company. Training is important for managers, current employees and new employees.

Although, employees may argue that training is a waste of time it is important to stay on top of everything and always remain prepared for any situation. Continually training and updating within a company is important because it keeps employees up to date on many things such as the use of new technology, technology is forever evolving. Training is an opportunity to introduce and implement new company policies, rule and regulations. Training creates and offers a safe working environment for all employees and managers. It also creates opportunities for personal growth, promotional opportunities and overall a healthy work environment.

Furthermore, training is the key ingredient to a company staying on the edge when it comes to its competition. For example; while serving in the United States Air Force we trained on everything. Nothing is too complicated or to irrelevant to train on. After analyzing this case study I thought on what if we did not train as hard and often as we did. We would be jeopardizing this country and it would impact us in very negative way. Everyone plays their part in training from those on the battlefield, those back on station, and even down to those cooking in the kitchens. More specifically, I worked in the Group Control Center for my group.

My job was to relay all critical information to 6 squadrons control centers during real world exercise scenarios. At the group level we conducted weekly briefings and inspections of all equipment to ensure readiness for any situation. For a while I thought what is the point of all this training and on the same thing, I thought it was redundant and I already had it under my belt. When we finally had an exercise all the training that I thought was redundant came back to me and helped me to relay the important and vital information. An exercise scenario is presented as if it was real world happening, and there was a ton of pressure.

If I was not properly drilled and trained I might have cracked under the pressure such as Carl did in his situation. Key Problems In this case study, the key problems and issues are what seems to be a lack of training and communication on both the managers and employees part. Carl Robins the new hire been at his job six months, although he successfully recruited fifteen new recruits somewhere along the lines he lost what he thought he had under control. He later found that applications were incomplete and not finished. Applications are a basic and general part of applying to a job.

If you can’t complete the application process then I believe you should not move any further beyond the application process. He also found that transcripts were not submitted on file. If the company requires that transcripts be submitted that again should be properly communicated to new recruits and also new employees. Also Carl didn’t know that the training room would be blocked and scheduled for maintenance this is another basic but crucial mix up that contributes the success of this project. Carl also had an opportunity to ask Monica any questions when she gave him a call to check on where things were.

Although she called to check on the process there were still some things that the company failed to communicate to new employees. Alternatives Alternatives in this situation could be that if managers implement a weekly or monthly training and update meeting or online refresher courses to complete this might have helped Carl to properly think his way out of the situation verses panic. This also gives employees a chance to stay refreshed and on the edge ready for competitors. Another alternative could be that if managers implement a new hire shadow program that way the company will always have communication going within the company.

During those six months Carl could have possibly had a co-worker that he felt comfortable enough to ask a question. Maybe he did not ask Monica because he did not want her to question his ability to get the job done. Proposed Solution I propose that ABC, Inc. implement a monthly online training course for the new campus recruits and all other employees in general. Rather it is on new policies and regulations and changes or just to refresh employees on current situations. I would also recommend that ABC, Inc. foster more communication within the company.

Little things like knowing the scheduling of the training room is important to when it comes to the success of a project. In conclusion I recommend that ABC, Inc. revise and update the company’s new hire program. Rather it is in house for the new campus recruiter or for the newly recruited hires. The company definitely needs to tighten up the application process. Furthermore, ABC, Inc. should change the way things are communicated within the company. Basic communication is essential for a company to succeed. Proper and effective communication is the basic functions to properly and successfully manage a company.

Effective employee training is important to the success of any business. Also proper training programs provide benefits for employees and the company, but only if they are carefully planned and properly implemented. A clear understanding of policies, job functions, and goals will eventually turn into increased motivation of employees, their morale and productivity and increased profits for the company. Training is a means to a specific end, keeping goals in mind during the development and implementation stages of your training program will assist in creating a clearly defined and effective program.

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