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Case Analysis on Singapore International Airlines Essay

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Case Analysis on Singapore International Airlines

Apart from my efforts, the success of any projects mainly depends on the encouragement and guidelines from many others. I take this opportunity to express my heartily appreciation to those who have been involved in the success of completion of this paper. Especially, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to Professor David T. Methe of Institute of Business and Accounting at Kwansei Gakuin Uuiversity for offering me tremendous theoretical knowledge and the opportunity to have analysis on the case of Singapore International Airline as the final examination.

The analysis process with the overall studies in the course of corporate strategy offered in this Spring semester provides me the opportunity to study the general management and to develop the perspective of a manager viewing from the corporate level in an organization. Abstract Singapore International Airline (SIA) as described in the case being one of the leading top airlines in the international industry is facing several competitive issues which are turning its situation with challenges of redefining strategies for its competitiveness.

This paper will examine and analyze the case of “Singapore International Airline: Preparing for Turbulence Ahead”. It details with the internal and external environment analysis and how SIA strategies keep its success over the past. Finally, recommendations for SIA dealing with its problems and strategies for it to take in which to further increase its competitiveness as a global player.

Introduction Singapore International Airlines (SIA) as stated in the case is being one of the top leading airline companies in the world with well records in terms of its operational performance and its profitability history. According to the case, SIA has started its business since the split from Malaysia airline in 1972, and soon after it expanded its service destinations to over 40 countries all over places in the world.

The company had developed with nique features that keep itself competitive within its industry which its competitors envied its perfect performances and looking forward to duplicate those features. Although, the SIA had been successfully operated through many decades, it is now facing the serious problem of demotivation of employees from severe layoffs due to SARS outbreak and Iraq war in the year 2003 at the recorded time of the case. SIA at this moment is taking serious concern of strategic movement to take in which for it to sustain its competitiveness and its top leading positions in its future.

Despites the success experienced by SIA, the company is now facing the challenges of staying competitive in its industry. This paper will be mainly analyzing the case by defining the background of SIA and its industry with its key factors for success. In addition to that, the strategies and various resources that SIA used for keeping its competitiveness and how it influences the airline industry will also discuss on the following. Finally, a few recommendations for possible movements that SIA can take in which further maintain its success will also be given.

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