Case Essay Topics

A Case of identity

Through a comparison of ‘A Case of identity’ and ‘The Stolen Cigar case’ discuss how successful Bret Harte is in parodying Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. There are two forms of detective story: there is the ‘who dunnit’ idea in which gentlemen detectives are called upon in all sorts of impossible situations, but always manage to solve… View Article

Facts of the Case

New London, a city in Connecticut, used its eminent domain authority to seize private property to sell to private developers. The city said developing the land would create jobs and increase tax revenues. Kelo Susette and others whose property was seized sued New London in state court. The property owners argued the city violated the… View Article

Mary Jones Case study

Coping styles can simply be defined as a person’s characteristics or strategies that are used in responding to various life problems and trauma. This can involve some thought, emotional or behaviors used by the affected individual to cope with such problems or circumstances. There are two broad types of copings styles, these are internalizing and… View Article

Module 1 Assignment

Case #1 1. What should Rani Pharmaceuticals do? Rani Pharmaceuticals should act in the best interest of their loyal customers as well as their own. By sending out the next quarterly newsletter with additional information on the Soothing Waters Hot Tubs and Spas, and allow the consumers to decide if they would like to receive… View Article

The author’s decidedly negative

Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide touches on many important themes, including identity and the role of reputation within society. On top of those themes, the author also uses his work to speak to an idea of “home” within the novel. Though this work does not include a typical… View Article

ECCO Case Study

ECCO has been one of the leading shoe manufacturers of the world. The company has been based in Denmark and it has been committed in delivering high quality shoes to the customers all around the world. The company was founded by Karl Toosbuy at Bredebro in Denmark in 1963. The company from the days of… View Article

A critique on Teaching mathematics

Graduate students who take up mathematics are burdened not only with the passion to obtain a deeper understanding and mastery of the subject but also with the responsibility to impart the knowledge they gain in their studies. It is acknowledged that there are only a few individuals who decide to pursue a degree in mathematics… View Article

Country Case Report for China

The third largest land area in the world belongs to the People’s Republic of China. Presently, its population is the largest on the record and its capital, Beijing is the economic and cultural center. China’s economic growth greatly improves due to the trend of poverty reduction during the period of 1980-1990. From 542 million to… View Article

Six step decision model

Every business needs to make decisions. Some decisions are minor, and others can be million dollar decisions. These decisions need to made with knowing all possible outcomes and knowing the risk and if its worth taking. Businesses today use different models and processes to decide what’s best for the company. The six step model process,… View Article

Full case study analysis of a company (Apple)

Locating the company in its environment. This is where you set the scene and so you should Offer a brief overview of the company (from your own research or the case material provided). Put the company in its context, which will be international or global. At this point you will start to use the various… View Article

Case Law and the Doctrine of Precedent

In this essay I will be discussing several points of interest that will help me answer the given question. My first point is on the Hierarchy of the courts. In this point I will explain the different ‘levels’ there are in the English system. My second point is Stare Decisis and what it is. This… View Article

Amys bread case study

Case Study Questions 1. Who are the main players (name and position)? The main Player in this is Amy Scherber and she is the manager and owner. Another main character is Toy Kim Dupree and he is Amy’s assistant manager. 2. In what business or businesses and industry or industries is the company operating? Amy’s… View Article

Civil Litigation

1.) Prepare an outline of the issues in handling a case with so many plaintiffs and potential witnesses. Ethical issues of conflict of interest can become a concern as many new clients come into the firm Organization could be an issue with so many clients Keeping track of all of the clients and witnesses appointments… View Article

Sap America Case Study

The case is about a company named SAP America, which is the abbreviation for Systems, Applications and Programs in Data Processing, which in three short years had gone from a smaller company to the heavy hitter within the corporate computing world. Within this case there were many details brought to light on the ambition of… View Article

Walmart Strategic Recommendation

While reading this case about Walmart, one of my own personal experiences kept coming to mind. I was shopping for my first TV, and was discussing the options with my friend. I said that I had looked around at Best Buy and Target, but I would probably get my TV at Walmart because they had… View Article