Cars Essay Topics

How has ICT Helped Cars made Adapted to People in Wheelchairs

Since the Second World War cars have become the most popular mode of transport throughout Europe and nearly every household has at least one car. Cars are one of the sources of independent travel and are the way most people choose to get around the country. Now people are making cars in new ways, so… View Article

Antique Autos Proposal

Antique Autos is a weekly publication containing old car news and advertisements for antique cars and parts. Each issue lists dates of upcoming auctions, shows, swap meets, and other events; offers restoration tips, tricks, and suggestions; relates fellow antique car owner stories; and includes pages of ads for cars, parts and books for sale or… View Article

Hybrid cars

Industrialization has contributed to high-energy consumption across the world. The developed countries consume the larger share due to more industries that operate there. The release of pollutant substances into the atmosphere has led to global warming whose dangerous effects are already being felt today. The motor industry, being one of the largest pollutants, has been… View Article

Hybrid Cars

Are hybrid cars the answer? Author Jack R. Nerad explains to us in his book, “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Hybrid and Alternative Fuel Vehicles” (Nerad, p. 5) that “With the rising cost in gasoline costs, the hybrid car has exploded into the fastest-growing segment of the American car industry. ” With this important information… View Article

How cars have changed over the years?

Cars, also known as automobile, are self-propelled wheeled vehicle designed to transport passengers on highways and streets. Its power unit may utilize stem, electricity, gas, or some other energy source. Because early experiments proved the superiority of the internal combustion engine as a power unit and also proved the superiority of liquid fuel, generally gasoline,… View Article

Environmental Pollution by Cars

Environmental issues have become a major concern in recent years. With global warming and climate change topping the agenda of many environmental groups and NGOs, it is hard for government as well as the general public to ignore the fact that our planet is changing rapidly. As a result of mass-scale industrialization and a rapid… View Article

Advantages Of Electric Powered Over Gas Powered Cars

An electric car is a vehicle that is propelled by an electric powered motor from rechargeable batteries, others that have been installed in the vehicle or from external sources. The engine of an electric car has an interior ignition and the operating system varies in different cars depending on the design that the manufacturer has… View Article

Changing the Way America Fuels its Cars

When President Bush declared that Americans were addicted to oil, he was right. Americans do not eat, travel or shop without oil. Robert Bryce admits this, but then asks, “So what? ” Almost every other western nation is too, he declares. But Bryce takes the problem too lightly. (Bryce, 2008) There are four answers to… View Article

How the United States of America will respond to German Cars

German cars are famous worldwide for their luxury, durability, innovation, exoticism and sophistication in terms of design and production. Whatever they make is perceived of high value in terms of money and exhibits high cultural values of the Germans. Over the decades the German philosophy of management is structured in such a way that it… View Article

Electric Cars

Electric car is basically a type of automobile which uses electric motor rather than a gasoline engine for impulsion or forward motion, while these cars are basically the automobiles power-driven by electricity and is used by the people for transportation purpose. Different type of onboard battery packs are used for providing power to these electric… View Article

Electric Cars versus Gasoline Cars

At the onset of 20th century, many Americans were faced with the dilemma of whether to buy electric vehicles that are battery charged or vehicles that use gasoline-powered engines. At the beginning of 21st century, analysts have concluded that, vehicles that use gasoline or diesel must be replaced with electric vehicles (Thomas, 2010). A question… View Article

Contemporary cars

Early and contemporary cars are simultaneously similar and different in certain ways. However, the differences are more substantial than similarities. There are few things Nicolas Cugnot’s first car and Nissan Altima have in common. In fact, the only substantial similarity between early and contemporary cars is that they fall under the same definition; at the… View Article

Henry Ford

Henry Ford made many contributions to the American economy during the 1920’s. He was a very skilled and intelligent man at that. Henry was born into an Irish immigrant family on a farm in Wayne County, Michigan. He became Chief engineer of the Edison Company in Detroit during 1888. In 199 he organized that Detroit… View Article