Caribbean Essay Topics

The impact of human activities on sharks in the northwest atlantic

The earth is a finite space. Everyone and everything on it must share its vast yet limited resources, and the actions of one species effects many, if not all, others. Over time, we have come to realize that human activities are having disproportionately negative effects on the global environment. An excellent example of this within… View Article

The Traditional Caribbean Family

This paper is about the traditional Caribbean family, providing a description of the typical family characteristics representative of the peoples in the region. In order to understand the traditional Caribbean family, it is necessary to study their culture, their family structure and their economic situation. In this manner, the concept of family is placed in… View Article

Post Emancipation Caribbean

A close analysis of the Caribbean societies reveals a history characterized by a resistant culture, resistance both to colonialism and the social equalities. This resistance can be traced back to Africa during the heydays of slave trade when the blacks were in voyage to the Caribbean plantations where they were to become source of cheap… View Article

Dance Sba

I would first and foremost like to thank God for guiding me and keeping me safe during the time of conducting the SBA. I would also like to thank Him for blessing me with the required tools to complete this assignment. I would like to thank my mother for helping me to get in contact… View Article

Silver Trade

In the early modern period, silver became the currency of the world. Never before had any good been so zealously sought after or acquired. Not even the grand spice trade routes over Asia could compare with the enormous scale and complexity the discovery of deposits of silver in Spanish America and Japan brought to global… View Article

God Grew Tired of Us

God Grew Tired of Us documents the journey of three Sudanese men who were part of the “Lost Boys of Sudan”, a refugee camp home to thousands of young men who fled Sudan amidst the wars that went on since the 1980s. The three young men were one of the few who were invited to… View Article

History Paper on Caribbean Diaspora

Decendents of the Caribbean Diaspora are located in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and countries that were previously colonial empires. The inhabited islands that are in the Caribbean are not only geographical regions, but also regions of the imagination, lived cultural experiences and are an interesting study in religious identity as well (Harry:2). ”… View Article

European Rivalry in the Caribbean

The Spanish monopoly in the Americas was established the moment that Christopher Columbus made landfall in Bahamas, this was way back on his first voyage in 1492. Soon after, her monopoly increased in size, wealth and fame. This was brought about by way of her island and mainland territories; a few being Cuba, Puerto Rico,… View Article

Sugar Trade

Many things helped drive the sugar trade. Demand, slavery, and climate played a major role in the driving of the sugar trade. Demand was greatly increasing throughout the years. The climate of the caribbean islands where cane sugar was grown. Slavery provided “free” work to produce sugar which in turn increased profits for the farmers…. View Article

History’s Contribution to Present Day Caribbean Society

History, according to the Oxford Dictionary, is the continuous record of events, especially those that are public. The history of the Caribbean is a diverse and intriguing one seeing as our present day country is one of cultural diversity, often referred to by locals as a “culture pot”. It is because of the Europeans enslavement… View Article

Neo Malthusian

The Neo-Malthusian theory was born out of a number of crises within the world which resembled the predictions Malthus had made. Over the last four decades it has been reported that there have been several economic disasters which had raised concern with what Malthus had predicted. A great deal of evidence has surfaced both economic… View Article

Columbian Exchange: The Spanish in America

Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the Caribbean islands and Central America was one of the most important discoveries in the history of the world because it sparked an explorative, competitive fire within the hearts of Europeans. Not only did his journey take him to new uncharted waters, but it began an era in which Europe would… View Article

The Contribution of Sports to the Caribbean

Sport refers to all forms of competitive physical activity which, through casual or organized participation, aim to use, maintain or improve physical ability and provide entertainment to participants. Over the years, many people in the Caribbean have overlooked the importance of sporting activity; however sport has made several contributions to the development of the region…. View Article

The Effect of the Earthquake in Haiti: Global Issues

Simply hours after the impact in Haiti, nations all over the world such as the United States, the United Kingdom and Venezuela were pledging “unwavering support” (Matt Frei, 2010). The United States of America immediately dispatched Navy Ships and smaller boats to Haiti while the US Agency for International Development (USID) sent specialised teams with… View Article

Indigenous Peoples of the Americas and Native Peoples

“Analyze the extent to which early European colonists viewed the Native Americans as inferior people who could be exploited for the colonists’ benefit. ” The early European colonizers of the Americas came to the New World to find sources of wealth for themselves and their country. They were greeted by Native Peoples who were later… View Article