Carbonate Essay Topics

Investigation of the carbonate – bicarbonate system

Alkalinity in this experiment can be defined as the measure of the pH buffering capacity in water (e. g. river water, sea water, lakes etc. ). This experiment was carried out using a prepared carbonate – bicarbonate solution against hydrochloric acid (0. 1M HCl). Titration and pH indicator method was used to determine the equivalence… View Article

To find out from a range

To find out from a range of tablets which tablet is the best one to neutralise hydrochloric acid. Aim My aim is to determine which tablet is the best for stomach acid (neutralises the most hydrochloric acid). Scientific Background Acids and Alkalis Many of the substances that we use today are made up of either… View Article

Pennsylvania near

Mining has been going on for a quite a long time in the whole world. It is worth noting that quarrying is an activity which is primarily aimed at extracting materials such as granite, limestone, slate and clay for various construction uses. On the same note, quarrying in Bangor has been done for more than… View Article

The rate of photosynthesis

Introduction: Photosynthesis is the trapping of carbon dioxide and its subsequent reduction to carbohydrate, using hydrogen from water. Hexose sugars and starch are commonly formed so the following equation is often used: light energy 6CO2 + 6H2O C6H12O6 + 6O2 carbon dioxide water chlorophyll carbohydrate oxygen Photosynthesis consists of two stages: These are the light-dependent… View Article

Soaps and Detergents

The results of the soap tests indicate an unsuccessful synthesis of soap. Minimal amount of foam was observed from any the tests. It was expected that foam would be presents in DI water, but decreased in CaCl2 or Trisodium because it makes the water a “hard water” and causes the soap precipitate, make it ineffective…. View Article