Car Essay Topics

My friend would like to make order

She’s fanatical about anything to do with Garfield. She goes to car boot sales charity shops anywhere that she can get her hands on anything to do with Garfield. She’s been collecting them for 5 years, and has not ever organized her collection . Statement of the problem My friend would like to make order… View Article


These positive aspects of BMW also indirectly benefit its dealers and resellers, since they would be able to use BMW’s values and brand name to attract customers. A BMW car is a unique commodity that would appeal to numerous market segments. Business customers value the prestige that a BMW would bring along with it. The… View Article

Driving a Car

People should know the important facts and possibilities about driving a car. First to be discussed about is the facts when cars are made, then how it becomes useful to us, and how it causes deaths and or accidents. Body The First ever person who invented a car was Nicolas Joseph Cugnot. He invented the… View Article

Motor Car Insurance

Bob Brown was recently involved in a minor auto accident. His car was hit from behind, and he, in turn, slammed into the car in front of him. He would like someone to explain his coverage and show him where, in his auto policy, each of his losses might be covered. The explanation of coverage… View Article

Time and motion study: car wash and teller

Process of car wash Averaged time for 6 cars of regular size and weight (minutes) Car registration 1 Payment 2 Queue time 5 Selection of car wash program and prewashing 3 Wash with water containing the detergent 3 Rinse with fresh water 2 Applying wax 3 Drying the car 3 Cycle time for washing one… View Article

Reducing Gases Emitted from Car Engines

The automobile industry has become one of the leading pollutants in most urban centers today. The emission of various gases from million of vehicles in roads has contributed to major global problem. Personal cars have emerged as the most notorious ones for this problem especially when they are moving at slow speeds or idling in… View Article

The Highest Breed

How would you like to own a car that can run and transport you on the road for ten minutes without the engine turned on? (Gold, 2006) No, it won’t be on neutral and without speed control… you simply have to be on a Toyota Hybrid vehicle. This is because when the car isn’t using… View Article

My first car

So, this is freedom…. That was the first thought that crossed, ironically, through my mind as I shook the empty gas-can back and forth, hearing the trickle of fuel inside slosh around the conspicuously light container. My car had glided that March morning, on empty, into a rest-stop just off the Interstate. The rest-stop was… View Article

Pseudo Beneficial

Cars are made to improve the transportation of people and things to different places. Refrigerators are made to make food lasts longer. Cellphones and internet are created to make social relationships stronger. Everything has a purpose and most of them have the purpose of having benefits. Unfortunately, according to Putman, instead of improving the social… View Article


T: Based on the name of the title, I predict that the lyrical poem is about the fast ride through life, and how you should stop and smell the roses sometimes, to cherish life. P: This is a narrative lyric that tells a story about a girl with a rough life. However she uses her… View Article

Zipcar Business Model

1.How is Zipcar’s business model different from its competitors? First, Zipcar has a very user friendly website and app that allows customers the ability to find a car within a short distance, choose which model of car he wants, and reserve the car. When a car is rented through Zipcar, the insurance and gas cost… View Article