Captain Corelli’s Mandolin by Louis De Bernieres Essay

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Captain Corelli’s Mandolin by Louis De Bernieres

In Corelli’s Mandolin, a novel by Louis de Berniéres, minor characters Mandras and Carlo contribute to the complicated relationships between each of the characters. Each individual has an influence on the changing events in the novel and inflict change in the main characters. Though unalike, the two face similar struggles that impact other characters and events in both positive and negative ways. In the end, both minor characters have the same fate. Mandras and Carlo are two minor characters that have a significant impact on the events and other characters of the novel.

Mandras is a fisherman who falls in love with Pelagia, but breaks their connection after he leaves for the war. The introduction of Mandras at the beginning of the novel is the start of change and alteration in the plot. He falls in love with Dr. Iannis’ daughter, Pelagia, the moment he lays eyes on her. “What he thanked Megalo Velicarios for what that in the doctor’s house he first set eyes on Pelagia, the doctor’s daughter.” (21) He inflicts a significant amount of change in Pelagia’s character by catching her attention, and he becomes her first love. Their relationship end as Mandras’s leaves for war, and Pelagia becomes a victim of misunderstanding. “Unfortunately, my dream of Pelagia was better than Pelagia herself. I can see and hear that she is disgusted with her returning hero, and I knew before I went that I was not good enough for her.” (141)

Mandras discovers that he is an unworthy suitor for Pelagia, and he knows that their relationship has ended once she develops a fascination for Captain Antonio Corelli.

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