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Citizenship of Organization, Nation and Planet-Rights and Responsibilities

It has been rightly said by someone-“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” Eternal vigilance for the citizen must take many forms. There are many varied definitions for Citizen, but in this context it can be said that Citizen is the person who represents the country-legally and Citizenship describes the status of belonging somewhere and…

Case Study About Procter and Gamble Company

Procter and Gamble Company Case Analysis This case study analysis focused on Procter and Gamble Company’s marketing plans and strategic options on its light-duty liquid brands (LDL). Procter & Gamble is the world’s largest producer of household and hygiene products. By 1981 P&G operated in 26 countries and sales totaled $11.4 billion with 90 consumer…

Company Q Social Responsibility

Company Q Social Responsibility Social responsibility is often viewed as an inconvenience that cuts into shareholder profits. An organization that with this outlook on social responsibility is missing a significant opportunity to improve public perception and drive profits. This is clearly the view of company Q. When twice presented with the opportunity to create both…



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Death Penalty in India

Short Essay on the Capital Punishment in India – Capital punishment has been a matter of debate for long now, and across the world public opinion is, by and large, in favour of abolishing it, as it is increasingly seen as a barbaric measure to check crime. Modern abolitionist jurists are of the view that…

Chapter 2 Exam – Scarcity and the World of Trade

CHAPTER 2 Exam – Scarcity and the World of Trade—offs MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1)As a student of economics, when you speak of scarcity, you are referring to A)the ability of society to employ all of its resources. B) the ability of society to…

Economic Development and Social Change

Section 1 1) What is the primary goal of modernization theory in contrast to theories of capital formation? Compare and contrast Hoselitz’ formulation of modernization theory with Lewis’ theory of capital formation In the 18th century, during the Age of Enlightenment, an idea named the Idea of Progress emerged whereby its believers were thought of…

Impact of Fdi on Home Country

1. Introduction: The term “Foreign Direct Investment” or “FDI” encompasses two related but different sets of topics or activities, explained by different theories and by different branches of economics. The first might be referred to as the international finance, or macro, view. The second might be referred to as the industrial organization, or micro, view….

Nike Case Study

Kimi Ford, a portfolio manager at North Point Group, is looking into the profitability of investing in the stocks of Nike for her fund that she manages. She is supposed to base her decision the company’s data which was disclosed in the 2001 fiscal reports. While Nike management had addressed several issues that are causing…

Crim Law Review

I. Revised Penal Code / Special Laws, Presidential Decrees, and Executive Orders A. Book 1 (Articles 1-99, RPC, excluding provisions on civil liability), including related Special Laws 1. FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES Definition of Criminal Law (1) Criminal law is that branch of municipal law which defines crimes, treats of their nature and provides for their punishment….

Marriott Corporation: the Cost of Capital

Dan Cohrs of Marriott Corporation has the important task of determining correct hurdle rates for the entire corporation as well as each individual business segment. These rates are instrumental in determining which future projects to pursue and thus fundamentally important for Marriott’s growth trajectory. This case analysis seeks to examine Marriott’s financial strategy in comparison…

Difference Between CML and SML

CML stands for Capital Market Line, and SML stands for Security Market Line. The CML is a line that is used to show the rates of return, which depends on risk-free rates of return and levels of risk for a specific portfolio. SML, which is also called a Characteristic Line, is a graphical representation of…

Advantages and barriers of harmonizing International Financial Reporting Standards throughout the world

The development in international trade and capital flows that has occurred over the previous two decades has increased the desire to harmonise accounting standards across the globe. The appeal of international accounting harmonization has been extensively discussed. Numerous academics Ali, J M (2005), Adhikari and Tondkar (1992), Saudagaran (1997) argue that adopting International Financial Reporing…

Marriott Corporation

Each of these aspects of the financial strategy support Marriott’s growth objective, except for the repurchasing of undervalued shares, which is not based on feeling of significant undervaluing of the stock by the market, but based on an internally generated intrinsic value of the company. Marriott’s cost of capital estimation process involves consideration of debt…

Mercury Footwear Questions

1. Is Mercury an appropriate target for AGI? Why or why not? Yes, we do think so. In the case, we could find some characteristics of footwear industry: (1) It is a mature, highly competitive industry marked by low growth, but stable profit margin. (2) Performance of individual firms could be quite volatile for they…

Furman v. georgia

The death penalty or capital punishment has been part of our humanity for years and years. Existed since ancient times, according to people a person who has committed an atrocious act, was sentence to death penalty or capital punishment. The death penalty begins back in the 18th century B.C. in the code of king Hammaurabi…

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