Canada Essay Topics

Evaluate the roles of named players

Managing future energy needs is certainly a global challenge that requires the cooperation of many named players both on a small and large scale. It has been estimated that global demand for primary energy is set to grow 55% by 2030 and that $22 trillion of new investment is need to meet future energy forecasts…. View Article

Frederick Douglass’ Paper

This map portrays a mass exodus into the Northern states as well as Canada. The trip from Louisiana to Indian was an arduous expedition taking several weeks or months to transverse. In this trek African Americans prove their stalwart bravado in the face of danger and prove that their freedom is worth the trail …. View Article

Future of public sector Bargaining

Introduction The public sector workers unions in Canada play a very important role in the industrial workforce. The roles of these unions us to protect and enhance the members interests by making the government aware of the things that affect their work and policies that need to be lightened so that they can be motivated… View Article

Women and social change in Canada

Throughout Canada’s history, women have lacked the opportunity and power otherwise enjoyed by men. Women were considered as submissive creatures incapable of unorthodox opinions to attain complete individual freedom. Women’s professions were mostly been argued a qualified, semi-subordinate and aspiring professions that Adam’s (2003, p. 1) relevantly refute as discriminatory to the Canadian women. Yet… View Article

The heidelberg declaration

We demand: • An immediate amnesty for victims of the “war on drugs”. • The reformulation of national and international agreements that hinder decriminalization. • An end to the “war on drugs”. Prohibition (1920-1933 R. I. P. ) was known as The Noble Experiment. The results of the experiment are clear: innocent people suffered; organized… View Article

First People of Canada

The purpose of the writer is to present his analysis of the present condition of the educational system of Canada which he regards as colonial education for the aborigines of Canada. He examined the manner in which the Indigenous education and epistemologies have been ignored and undermined and made recommendations on the revitalization of an… View Article

Canada History

Everywhere you might hear the roll of the drum, and there was no family but had its soldier, and few that did not have their dead. There were a score of thousand British troops in the Northern provinces, and every week brought rumors and alarms, and portents of victory or defeat. The haggard post-rider came… View Article

Louis Riel: a Father of Confederation the Métis’ Struggle

“In a little while it will be all over. We may fail. But the rights for which we contend will not die.” – Louis Riel, May 6, 1885 The Métis are often overlooked when discussing the Confederation of Canada. In particular, Louis Riel was a critical leader of the Métis that strived to sustain the… View Article

Today’s Changing Families

Introduction             Parents play a crucial role in almost every aspect of a child’s development, especially because they are the first people who get to teach them basic knowledge from the time of their birth. They are the ones who teach them, or at least, helped them learn, basic skills such as walking, speaking, and… View Article

Today’s Changing Families: Impact on Education in Canada

Canada is a country with diverse cultures, traditions and people from different races and backgrounds. This is based on the fact that most of the inhabitants are immigrants from other parts of the world. They are people who have opted to move into Canada to work, to attend school or to permanently live there. They… View Article

Pierre Trudeau

Introduction             Pierre Trudeau an eternal Canadian nationalist could be rightfully ascribed for building the strong foundations of federalism in Canada in the turbulent period of the 1970’s and the 1980’s. He represented the quintessential Canadian liberal politician of his times, hobnobbing with the likes of John Lennon and Yoko Ono while imposing what some… View Article

Canadian Culture

Canada is located in the northern portion of the continent of North America, extending, in general, from the 49th parallel northward to the islands of the Arctic Ocean. Its eastern and western boundaries are the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans respectively. Its land area totals 3,851,809 square miles (9,976,185 square kilometers). The easternmost portion of the… View Article

Population Change In Province Of Canada

Introduction As per the Canada’s Performance Report 2006 – life expectancy in Canada reached to 79.9 years as compared to 77.8 years in 1991.   A woman born in 2003 can expect longevity up to 82.4 years whereas a man’s life expectancy would be 77.4 years. Statistics Canada, The Daily, December 21, 2005 states that women… View Article

“To Peacekeep Or Not To Peacekeep” By James Ash

In “To Peacekeep Or Not To Peacekeep” James Ash argues that if we consider both the pragmatic and ethical view we can see how peace keeping is the best role for Canadians to take. However, although Ash describes peacekeeping as essential to Canada’s identity, if we look critically at this essay you will find that… View Article

Ukrainian Immigrant Experience in Canada

Soviet Union was suffering dissolution after an abortive coup in Moscow when Ukraine, formerly a European Soviet, emerged as an independent nation on August 24, 1991. Right after coming into existence, the new born nation undertook a strenuous and all-embracing economic, constitutional and political reform. Canada was the first western country to acknowledge Ukraine’s independent… View Article