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A country boy

Not just my family members and I, every Cambodian citizen is the victim of genocide, the act which took the lives of around two million Cambodian citizens. One can say that this is the curse that all Cambodians were to experience while the others might say that it is our sin or karma. The war…

Aec: Opportunity or Threat to the Workforce of Thailand

Introduction The ASEAN agreement to implement the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015 is a rational approach in order to be the largest economic development in the developing world (Asian Development Bank (ADB) 2010; Austria 2012). However, it seems likely to have both beneficial and negative aspects. Although a GDP per capita of Thailand is…

The impact of French imperialism on Indochina to 1945

Being an imperialist country, France pursed to increase its power, wealth and influence by gaining authority over other parts in the world. South America and Africa were among the countries the French Empire had owned in addition to Indochina who lost its independence after the war against China, which lasted from 1884-1885. Indochina was a…



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Catfish and Mandala

Andrew Pham, author of Catfish and Mandala, is on a journey of self-exploration. Family dysfunction, the illusions of the past, and the inability to move forward and find meaning to life when living between two cultures, are all catalysts’ for Pham return Vietnam. Contrary to being welcomed with open arms, Andrew is referred to as…

Zinn, Howard Chapter Questions and Answers

1) The Vietnamese complaints against the French both in the letters to President Truman and the 1945 Declaration of Independence, were based on the levying of unjust taxes, increasing the poverty of the rural populace, exploitation of mineral and forest resources, massive starvation, and imprisonment of those who would rebel or question their colonial power….

The Differences between Cambodian and American Culture

Around the world, there are many countries, and each country has their own tradition, civilization, culture so on and so forth. When I think of Cambodia and UAS, they are not exactly the same. Even though USA has influenced some conditions of culture to Cambodia, these two countries differ in family structures, religion, and school…

French influence in Vietnam in the 19th century

In the 19th century, the French had a great influence in Vietnam in different aspects including; culture, religion, ethics, economy, politics and government and nationalistic aspirations of the Vietnamese. The French ruled Vietnam from approximately mid-late 1800’s until 1954 when Vietnam defeated the French. According by Edward Terry on the geocities website, the greatest influence…

Encountering conflict

Throughout history, conflict has been an prevelent force for human beings, shaping our lives and interactions with one another. Conflict is ultimately the greatest paradox because when we react to conflict, it can often reflect the worst of our nature. A clashing of ideas has been important throughout history, as it tests the complexity of…

Cambodian Genocide

Mass graves overflowing with bodies. Bodies which have been mutilated and burned lay on the ground. Carelessly thrown everywhere as if they are not even human. This was the sight in war torn Cambodia. The Khmer Rouge controlled Cambodia and terrorized the people. They killed people who were educated, from a certain ethnic group, from…

Introduction to Angkor Wat

In century 15th-19th, there was 38 empires had reigned their dynasty in Angkor. 11th-13th century, the reign of Angkor reached the peak. Presumably, there was a huge population lived in Angkor at the time. Also, the international trades were in process, especially with the China. The success of Angkor is due to the well-connected water…

Cambodia After Angkor

Post-Angkor period was known as the less documents, inscriptions in Khmer historical time during the entering Chou Ta-Kuan who visited Angkor. Moreover, it was the period which the king Chan had restoration of some of the temple. During that time also provided the documentary about permanent shifts in Cambodia`s economy, foreign relation, language that verify…

The Reason Why Cambodia Is a Great Place to Visit

Since Cambodia is a developing country, it has gradually became popular with many tourist destinations. Cambodia has a lot of beautiful scenery and historical places. Also the people there are very nice. The culture and the dishes are really special. There are three reasons why Cambodia is a great place to visit. The first reason…

The Khmer Rouge

There are many genocides that people are not aware of. One of them is the attempted genocide carried out by the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. The Khmer Rouge was able to gain power and remain in control of Cambodia for years without interference because they isolated the country from any foreign influence. Other countries had…

Sapporo beer

Japan’s Sapporo Holdings said on Thursday it would enter the Vietnamese market by taking a 65 percent stake in a beer joint venture with Vietnam National Tobacco Corp to tap its fast-growing market. It marks the first major overseas expansion in three years by Sapporo, the smallest of Japan’s four major brewers, as bigger rivals…

Trip to Cambodia

Cambodia, a country of landmines, a country severely affected by the civil war in the past decade. There is 36% of the whole population living under the poverty line, which means earning less than USD$1 per day. We, thirty chosen Young Envoys 2005 of Unicef went to Cambodia for six days in July this summer….

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