California Essay Topics

American Dream

The Wall Street Crash of 1929 devastated America. After years of people revelling in their riches and living the high life of the roaring twenties, the wealth of millions was seized. America’s luck continued to diminish as they entered deeper and deeper into the depression when a seven year drought shook the country two years… View Article

The Kite Runner

The book Kite Runner is about a kid that passes through rough moments during his life time because of war. The boys name is Amir, and his father is a rich man of Pakistan. Amir calls his father “Baba” and doesn’t have a quite good relationship with him. Amir’s best friend is called Hassan. Hassan… View Article

Development of renewable energy sources

Unlike solar energy, wind power grown faster the last couple years and is today the environmentalists preferred alternative energy source (Bradley 1). Paul Brown writes, Sebastian Seidel 3 “Electricity production [in the U. K. ] from wind leapt by 31% last year, making it the fastest growing industry in the field of power generation” (1)…. View Article

US Wine – California Region

Having studied the wine industry in general in the USA, in order to arrive at a concise answer the problem of purchase of imported bottles by the wineries in the Californian region, it is important to have an overview of the wine industry in California. Some of the important features of the California wine industry… View Article

Delaney and Madigan

Contrary to what some may believe, surf culture is much deeper and extends beyond a surfboard and some waves. Surfing, along with other sports, provides concrete examples of cultural differences based on variations between regions (Delaney and Madigan 2009: 62). The surf lingo between Australia, Hawaii, and California, for example, are quite different. Local surfers… View Article

Inclusionary housing in California and San Diego

The housing crisis in California has been gaining momentum over the last two decades. Awareness on the issue has increased in the past few years and as housing and rental prices continue to sky rocket even moderate income families are finding it very difficult to buy houses of their choice. For low-income families, the implications… View Article

The Sunshine State Standards

The Sunshine State Standards is the educational governing body in the State of Florida that is in charge with providing and assessing educational contents among public school districts. This standard is geared to answer the local educational needs of the students. It aims basically to support the school community by seeing to it that quality… View Article

Should California Assembly Allow Bilingual Education?

Proposition 227, “English for the Children,” came into being by way of voter approval, June 1998, and controversy has surrounded it ever since its implementation into the 1998-99 school year for the state of California. With changes in the educational standards set for bilingual students and specifically children of Spanish speaking immigrants, a variety of… View Article

Ventura Unified School District-California

Ventura Unified School District is located in the state of California, USA. Statistics have shown that the spending rank per student is estimated to be 47th out of 50 states. There is speculation that the state need make a budget reduction that amounts to $5 million for the 2008 -2009 school year from the total… View Article

The US and California

The US and California Constitutions have changed in relationship to power in various ways as follows:- • The relationship between the legislature and the judiciary has been one of the key constituents determining change. Thus when the Congress felt that the judiciary was assuming an all powerful and important role, an amendment has invariably come… View Article

California State Law

What Bidders Edge did may be considered as an innovation in the emerging electronic commerce industry. Linking as what was specified in the article made thinks easier for bigger websites such as e-bay to be viewed in by a lot people. Summing up the intention of Bidders Edge, we could conclude that what the company… View Article

University of California Irvine

I believe that the best aspects about the University of California Irvine’s business program are its competent and highly knowledgeable educators, its friendly environment, and its highly-competitive and extensive curriculum. For me, these three aspects not only place the school as one of the top universities, but it also moulds students to become adept and… View Article


A couple of centuries ago California was distant wasteland with vast deserts and a long sandy coast, it seem unsuitable for living. Today it is a cultural hub of the United States and all it’s success can be attributed to the ethnic minorities that broke ground in California despite discrimination, violence, and imprisonment. California is… View Article

California Gold Rush of 1849

The Gold Rush established California as a place for life in the fast lane. It has been 150 years since that most significant event in California and the nation’s history. In 1848 a cry rang out that uprooted homes the world over and sent ships to the sea, wagons to the Northwest and hopes and… View Article

Monterey, Ca

Whenever I tell someone that I am from California I am automatically asked about palm trees, the sun, hot weather, tanning, the beach, richness, etc. However, it’s not like that for me, I’m not from San Diego or Santa Clara, I’m from a small town in Central California with a population of about thirty thousand… View Article