Cable television Essay Topics

Television people

For the very first time on television people were seeing images on television boxes of people who they were expected to be like. This is very true to the time with women being at home either doing the cooking or cleaning. In the very first adverts the technology used was not particular good compared to… View Article

An analysis of television chat shows

Television chat shows are probably the favourite genre of the majority of daytime viewers, with the schedule full to bursting point with them, there are few channels that show fewer than two chat shows on a daily basis. There are few times when you can switch on your television and the screen not be filled… View Article

Television and American Rituals

Communication is one of man’s most important needs. This stems from the fact that each and every individual have opinions and strong feelings that should be readily expressed and shared. The need to communicate is perhaps one of the reasons behind the creation or establishment of yet another powerful institution—mass media. Often tagged as the… View Article

Effects of television

Television may be one way to educate children but alongside of it is something that is very hazardous especially to toddlers. Letting your children watch cartoons such as Dora the Explorer, Sesame Street and the likes is both beneficial and dangerous. At some point there are things that need to be addressed by the parent… View Article

Marketing Plan of TATA SKY

Price: Tata Sky has offered competitive pricing but has been on the higher end and its due to promotional campaigns it has added in incentives leading to increase in customer base. In search of newer audiences in smaller towns, DTH operator Tata Sky is introducing a new Rs 99 package — Super Hit Pack 2…. View Article