Cabernet Sauvignon Essay Topics

Outsourcing Wine Production to Bulgaria

Outsourcing (contracting work out) occurs when a producer acquires goods or services from an external supplier rather than producing them internally. The main reason we decided to use a third party in the production of Yellowtail products is because Australia is expected to experience drought in the forthcoming years which would greatly challenge the production… View Article

Wine Pairing

When considering a wine and food pairing, it is best to pick a wine that balances the natural flavors of the food. Spicy, flavorful food should be paired with a spicy, flavorful wine. On the other hand, a mild, neutral dish should be paired with a mild, neutral wine. Most beef dishes would be considered… View Article

The Wine Industry

The Aussies are on a roll, says Millar [CEO of Australian wine producer BRL Hardy]… In 50 years, it is not out of the question for Australia to be the world’s largest wine producer… Jose Fernandez, who runs Hardy’s U. S. joint venture Pacific Wine partners, said the French were a spent force, conceding the… View Article

It’s Time to End Pet Misery Year 11 Draft

In the opinion piece ‘Let’s End Pet Misery’, featured in the Herald Sun on the 21st of July 2009, writer Susie O’Brien responds to the issue of animal cruelty in Victoria. In an outraged tone, the writer pleads with pet lovers and everyone else alike to support a new bill that aims to make animal… View Article

Wine project

Valais is known for its exceptional climate, whereby the mountains stop most of the rainfall, but create ‘foehn’ winds which assists in the late autumn months with the essential ripening process of late varieties of grapes. Almost continuous sunshine for most of the year attributes to hot and dry summers, while winters can be cold… View Article