Business law Essay Topics

Coffee shop

Studying the fundamental reasons why the proponents aim to establish a business coffee shop’. A coffee shop or cafeteria businesses are already popular worldwide, too many names, establishment and products. Almost every coffee shop businesses stay long because of satisfying income. How about innovation to this business that have a risk but can probably maximize… View Article

Law of torts

The word tort is of French origin and is equivalent of the English word wrong, and the Roman law term delict. It is derived from the Latin word tortum, which means twisted or crooked. It implies conduct that is twisted or crooked. It is commonly used to mean a breach of duty amounting to a… View Article

Business Law and Regulation

If Mary damages a client’s hair she would be held liable. According to our textbook, Mary would cause injury to the plaintiff. Mary was to provide a duty of care to the customer. She breached this duty of care “failure to exercise care or to act as reasonable person would act (Cheeseman, 2010, p. 81)…. View Article

Sole Proprietorship

•Liability is unlimited. The owner or sole proprietor is legally responsible for all debts, law suit settlements and contract fulfillments. Though insurance policies can be purchased to protect against unforeseen events, a judgment decree or balance exceeding the purchased plan amount could come directly out of the personal assets of the owner including but not… View Article

Legal Underpinnings of Business Law

The key to limiting liability exposure is to realize where your company might be vulnerable. It is important to be able to recognize possible situations that make a company vulnerable. Knowing all possible significant aspects of any liability associated to the type of business an owner wants to participate in is vital. A business owner… View Article

Business Law Court Paper Assignment

On November 5, 2008, I came to observe a proceeding in the King County Superior Court where the judge’s name was Shaffer Catherine. I did observe the closing arguments and the jury’s motion to the case in a criminal proceeding where subject of the case was assault in the second degree. Mark Alan Bell, as… View Article

Forms of Business

The vast majority of small businesses start out as sole proprietorships. These firms are owned by one person, usually the individual who has day-to-day responsibility for running the business. Sole proprietorships own all the assets of the business and the profits generated by it. They also assume complete responsibility for any of its liabilities or… View Article

MCGEE Cake Company

Introduction The McGee Cake Company has been in business since early 2005. The company is a sole proprietorship. They produce a variety of full line cakes and other cake including cheesecake, lemon pound cake, and double-iced, double-chocolate cake. In the past several years, the company has experienced sales increases due to features in magazines and… View Article


CHAPTER 19 CORPORATIONS 1. – THE NATURE AND CLASSIFICATION OF CORPORATIONS A corporation is a legal entity created and recognized by state law. It can consist of one or two persons identified under a common name. CORPORATE PERSONNEL When an individual purchases a share of stock in a corporation, that person becomes a shareholder and… View Article