Bunsen Essay Topics

Alka-Seltzer tablets react with water

Things tend to go wrong at higher temperatures because at higher temperatures (60i??C+) the dissolved calcium hydrogen carbonate starts to decompose. This removes the temporary hardness and therefore removes the dissolved Ca2+ and Mg2+ ions, therefore making the test unfair because at lower temperatures there was hardness in the water. From the results obtained it… View Article

Ball bounce higher when it is warmed up

Prediction I predict that for this experiment the higher the temperature, the more the ball will bounce. I put this down to the temperature is raised, the particles inside will gain energy therefore the higher the ball will bounce. Equipment For this experiment I will use the following equipment to do this experiment: – 1…. View Article

How temperature affects resistance on a piece of wire

Graph: When I come to collect my results I will need to plot a graph, I shall plot temperature (i?? C) along the X-Axis and Resistance (? ) along the Y-Axis Safety: To keep my experiment safe I need to be safe around the kettle, to do this I will wear goggles to avoid hot… View Article

Different metals using different tests

An investigation into finding the reactivity of different metals using different tests. Aim: To design a series of tests that will allow 5 unknown metals to be placed in there order of reactivity. Hypothesis: It is predicted that a metal giving more gas out of a test tube during the test will be more likely… View Article

To identify these chemicals

Problem: you are provided with 3 unknown chemicals which are labelled A, B, C, D and E. Carry out appropriate test to identify the chemicals. Method: to identify these chemicals I will carry out two types of test: Flame test and chemical test. Flame test:  To carry out the flame test I will dip the… View Article