Budgets Essay Topics


There are certain elements that are to be considered in studying and defining the budget, especially in the field of public administration. These elements include economic, political, and ideological concerns that affect the processes budget goes through. A fourth element that defines budget is societal concerns, which proves to be an important factor for the… View Article

Budgets in higher education

In higher education institutions, best budgeting practices involves the use of proper and excellent coordination of master plan which establishes all the priorities which have to be undertaken in the institution. This ensures that all the higher education institutions attend to their respective economic and educational goals. The institutions need to have in place excellent… View Article

Traditional budgeting system

Wildavsky (1978, p. 502) mentions that “traditional budgeting is annual (repeated yearly) and incremental (departing marginally from the year before)”. It is conducted on a cash basis in current dollar. It is also in the form of line-items such as personnel or maintenance. This system is essentially a financial plan of estimated expenditures expressed in… View Article

Zero-Based Budgeting

As the zero-based budget consultant for Windsor Memorial Hospital I will make recommendations to the Board of Directors on how to create a solid plan to reduce costs and increase productivity. This will be a team based solution. In order to sustain the plan for years to come, it will require continued effort and a… View Article

Are the government officials good stewards of public funds?

The parliament should play an active role in ensuring the availability and credibility of fiscal information. There should be clear procedure for budget execution, monitoring, and reporting. The accounting system should provide a reliable basis for tracking revenues, commitments, payments, arrears, liabilities, and assets, writes M S Siddiqui A budget is a government’s plan on… View Article


BUDGETS AND BUDGETORY CONTROL 1. INTRODUCTION: The first important task in front of the management is to have clearly defined objectives. Objectives are short term as well as long term and they should be defined in clear terms. It is necessary to prepare a comprehensive plan to transform these objectives into reality and planning without… View Article