Budgeting Essay Topics

Importance of Budgets

Budgeting is critical to financial success. Studies of differences between successful and unsuccessful new businesses consistently find that businesses that carefully develop and follow budgets increase their chances of survival and success. The budgeting practices of successful businesses are (1) maintaining a complete and up-to-date set of financial records, (2) having financial records audited or… View Article

Program Budgeting

In the general aspect of organizational management, the leaders and concerned authorities of each organization develop effective means of maximizing and properly allocating the important resources and elements existing in an organization for the benefit of the group. In this aspect, leaders aim to critically analyze and understand the processes involved in the organizational structure,… View Article

Public Budgeting

Public budgeting touches every sector of the economy and it thus demands clear and accurate contribution of all the parties involved which include policymakers, financial institutions and the public at large. A national budget is a document which once approved by the legislature gives the government the mandate to collect revenue, incur debts on behalf… View Article

Capital Budgeting Mini Case

There are many different methods business owners use to efficiently analyze business investment. One of these effective methods is the calculation of the net present value or NPV. The second most effective method would be the calculations of the internal rate of return or IRR. There are also other useful methods as well, for example,… View Article

Case Write-Up: The Investment Detective

Case Summary The purpose of this case is to become a capital budgeting analyst and evaluate which set of free cash flows for 8 projects will result in the most effective investment for a firm’s capital. The objective given is to rank the four best that the company should accept. The case is broken down… View Article

Creating an Academic Budgeting Scheme for Chris

A student’s entry into a university could entail a lot of things. For instance, it means that a student, in this particular case Chris, would have to live away from his mom and move into a semi-independent environment. It could thereby be considered as a preparation for the new things to come. Chris needs a… View Article

The quantity of pennies

(1) Draw an indifference curve map with the quantity of pennies are on the horizontal axis and the quantity of nickels are on the vertical axis. Given the shape of your indifference curve, how would you describe the typical relationship between these two “products”? The two goods are perfect substitutes for each other. 5pennies are… View Article

‘George’s Trains’ Working Capital

George’s Train Shop is a family owned business that focuses on the sales and repairs of train toys. George is running a profitable business, but as he is aware of my MBA Managerial Finance class, he has asked for advice on his working capital practices. Although George is currently enjoying the benefits of a profitable… View Article