Budget Essay Topics

An Overview of the US Federal Budget Process

Introduction Federal budget appropriation in the United States is a very complicated process. It involves numerous sub processes, limitless rules and regulations, numerous personnel involved in the executive and legislative branches as well as the active participation of the President and congressmen (Keith 1). Making budget decisions entails a challenging web of procedures that includes… View Article

The Invisible Poor

There have been many writers, columnists, politicians, sociologists and economists who have written about the concept of poverty in the United States. Though their views often differ as to the causes, and solutions, the underlying commonality between all of those who have written about this issue remains that the current state of the American public… View Article

The Impossible Budget Deficit

In his article, “Trouble, Trouble, Debt, and Bubble,” Tabb (2006) writes that the United States is importing far more than it is exporting.  The high consumption of the United States is due mainly to the reason that the rich people of the country must maintain their upper class status and high standards of living.  But… View Article

Should the Government Restore Federally Subsidized Grants and Scholarships?

Introduction (Attention Getter) Should the Government Restore Federally Subsidized Grants and Scholarships? The Congress could reduce the growth in GSL program costs in a number of other ways that would not seriously jeopardize the availability of loan capital. One option would be to require that interest be paid on the loans while the students are… View Article

Role of MIS in Market Research

Introduction: The changing market environment has given rise to the needs of update information more than ever in the past. The markets have transformed to international from local. With the increase in the exposure to masses and increased geographical market coverage, the need of quick and up to date information has also increased. With the… View Article

Traditional Budgetting

Essay: “Traditional budgeting is counterproductive in today’s fast paced and highly competitive environment. Instead of tinkering with current budgeting systems, managers would be better off abandoning budgeting altogether – that is, companies should move beyond budgeting.” Discuss Introduction In the worsening economic conditions we live in today the question of the efficiency of budgets is… View Article

Beyond Budgeting

Introduction: A concept may go through changes over time, being reconsidered, reviewed, improved or even forgotten. In an environment where changes happen often, it’s usual to observe concepts and models being worn out and new or adapted approaches being introduced. In the field of business administration, the budgeting process has proved to be fundamental and… View Article

Evaluating a Company’s Budget Procedures

Springfield Corporation operates on a calendar-year basis. It begins the annual budgeting process in late August, when the president establishes targets for the total dollar sales and the net income before taxes for the next year. The sales target is given to the Marketing Department, where the marketing manager formulates a sales budget by product… View Article

Nursing Leadership/Management Role in Budgets

Budgeting refers to a detailed financial plan for carrying out the activities an organization wants to accomplish between a certain amount of time to ensure that quality and cost-effective services are provided to their patients (Stafford, 2007). Many nurse managers/leaders cringe at the word “budget” due to the lack of training and support for that… View Article

Budget Management and Variance Analysis

A budget is a tool that helps managers to ensure that the required resources are obtained and used effectively and efficiently as the organization moves towards achievement of its objectives. The budgets are determined yearly and are based upon the previous year’s budget and variances. This paper will discuss a development of operating budget, comparison… View Article

Citibank Budgeting

1. Analysis of Budget Process at Citibank Direction and control of Citibank’s international branches are conducted via two formal management processes. Each year, top management sets sovereign risk limits for its independent branches based on proposals by country managers. Country managers may choose to operate with self-imposed limits below this upper guideline. Following, there is… View Article

Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan is defined as written plan that is used to guide an organization’s marketing activities for a period of two years or less. It is quite detailed and specific, and it helps an organization coordinate the many steps and people that play a role in marketing. * Marketing plan is also called as tactical… View Article

Behavioural Aspect of Budgeting in Public Sector

Budgets are part of management control designed to promote the efficient use of resources and providing support for other critical functions. The extent to which any budget is successful is very much dependant on its acceptance and the attitudes of workers towards it. This paper focuses on the crucial role of the behavioural aspects of… View Article

The California Education in budget cut

Save our children, save our education: The California Education in budget cut Considering that the majority of the population of California is dominated by those who can only afford public school education, it is almost going to be useless for parents to send their children to school. They might think about what they would gain… View Article

Incremental Budgeting

The downturn has rendered budgets agreed last year largely irrelevant. Analyse Managers in business make decisions that affect profitability of business. For the decision to be effective and successful, it is important for organisation to plan and coordinate the decision. (CIMA official terminology, 2005) defines budget as an expression of a plan that is quantitative… View Article