Brothers Essay Topics

Elizabeth Gaskell

After Helen died things didn’t get much better. The farm workers started to look down upon him and ‘hardy waited till my father’s back was turned rated the stepson’, even his own brother looks down upon him unintentionally ‘I sometimes repeated the disparaging words I heard… Without fully understanding their meaning’. This makes us feel… View Article

Thatcher’s Britain

The text that we have been studying in Drama is Willy Russell’s ‘Blood Brothers’. Willy Russell was born in Whiston, near Liverpool, England, in 1947. I believe that his upbringing that he had, and his social and economic circumstances greatly affected the writing of ‘Blood Brothers’. He was brought up in a poor area, in… View Article

Compare how Willy Russell

The audience will be in contradiction of Mrs. Lyons because of her cunning manner towards Mrs. Johnstone. In this scene we see Willy Russell showing Mrs. Lyons to be very sly along with manipulative and Mrs. Johnstone on the other hand to be very naive. Another way Willy Russell portrays the two mothers to be… View Article

Compare how Willy Russell

Compare how Willy Russell portrays the two brothers in ‘Blood Brothers’. Account for the different reactions the audience have to the two characters throughout the play. Willy Russell successful playwright ‘Blood Brothers’ conjures up many debateable topics including the intriguing separation of twin brothers ‘Mickey’ and ‘Eddie. During my essay I shall indulge into the… View Article

My brothers cried

“Originally” is a poem set upon the main themes of growing up. By looking at the poem in depth, I have come to a conclusion that Carol Ann Duffy is the persona who is writing with a childs perspective as when she was a child. In verse one, The poet creates a sense of noise… View Article

Blood Brothers Evaluation

In June 2004, myself and the rest of my GSCE Drama group travelled to London to watch a performance of the play ‘Blood Brothers’ by Willy Russell. Having studied the play in great detail four weeks previous to that day, we eagerly awaited seeing the play on stage. A workshop with the narrator beforehand gave… View Article

Enemies or Brothers?

Russian revolution, Literature (Poetry), Politics, Untimely Death, Early 20th Century, Avant Garde—these are just some of the things that first come into mind when we talk of Vladimir Mayakovsky and Alexandr Blok, two of Russia’s most famous poets. Mayakovsky focused on Futurism while Blok focused on Symbolism. Despite the similarities in their lives, they do… View Article

Founding Brothers

The book, Founding Brothers, tells about the struggles of the American leaders after the revolution to establish a new government and the events that occurred during this time. Famous Americans such as Thomas Jefferson and John Adams along with their opposite points of view about the Constitution are given equal focus. The author brings to… View Article