British Empire Essay Topics

Long-Lasting Hostility Among Indians Towards British Rule

How far do Sources 10, 11 and 12 suggest that the Amritsar Massacre created widespread and long-lasting hostility among Indians towards British rule? Sources 10, 11 and 12 suggest that the Amritsar Massacre, the incident in which British troops under the order of General Dyer fired at a crowd of Indian protesters on the 13th… View Article

British Colonization

Europe expansion to India began in 18th century had great changes in various field such as economics politic, society, culture and so on. Especially, after British imperialism which became a ruler of India had great effect on India. As a result, there are many essential changes in language and customs in India and even thought… View Article

The History of the British Empire

The British Empire was the largest the world had known. It was said “the sun never sets on the British Empire,” as it was so large it covered all time zones. Britain had a small population and army so governing was done by inflicting a devastating military defeat on the conquered nation. The defeat was… View Article

Importance of Learning Asian Languages

If I asked an English speaker, “Hello, how are you?”, the answer almost invariably will be “I’m fine, thank you”. This brief dialogue itself establishes a relationship between the two people. It not only stands proof of the two individuals’ ability to speak English but also their collective ability to converse in a common language…. View Article

United States Declaration of Independence and British Soldiers

1. Examine the factors that led to the colonies’ declaration of independence from England. Make sure to explain WHY the colonies decided to break from their mother-country as well as any risks that doing so might have entailed. Also include your interpretation of whether or not breaking away from England was a good idea for… View Article

History of British Empire Notes

History of the British Empire leading to the establishment of the commonwealth This work contains information about the British Empire compared to the Roman Empire than compared to the Spartans. This shows who done b=worse things and was it worth going through all of that if their Empire is not the best? My work also… View Article

10 Points About Victorian Era

* The Victorian era in Britain was not democratic. The British did not practice modern democracy yet. * Britain was a ‘class’ society and the upper class (the rich, those with landed estates and titles) still ran everything. * So ‘class’ was important. Birth order was important because titles, estates, family fortunes in Britain would… View Article

Analyzing Gender Roles in Billy Elliot

During his first visit to The Bahamas and representing the Queen abroad for the Diamond Jubilee, Prince Harry addressed crowds of dignitaries and admirers in the capital, Nassau. The Island-hopping Prince Harry continues his 10-day Diamond Jubilee tour through the Caribbean in Jamaica this week after stops in Belize and the Bahamas over the weekend… View Article

The British East India Company

The British East India Company was an English and later (from 1707) British joint-stock company formed for pursuing trade with the East Indies but which ended up trading mainly with the Indian subcontinent. The East India Company traded mainly in cotton, silk, indigo dye, salt, saltpetre, tea and opium. Shares of the company were owned… View Article

Ethnic Diversity in the Uk

Immigration, annexation, and colonialism are processes that may create subordinate groups. Other processes such as extermination and expulsion may remove the presence of a subordinate group. Significant for racial and ethnic oppression in the United States today is the distinction between assimilation and pluralism. Assimilation demands subordinate-group conformity to the dominant group, and pluralism implies… View Article

Babur, Clive and Kohinoor

India a land of seductive riches, land of the Kohinoor diamond a priceless gem which legend says was given by the god Krishna to test mankind’s greed. Possessed of such wealth and beauty, thought Krishna, would men behave like beasts? or would they think and achieve wisdom? This is the story of India and its… View Article

The Causes of the War of 1812

What is thought to be a main cause of a war? Territory and religion are big causes of the wars today. The war of 1812 was when war broke out again between the United States and Britain. There are three main causes that led to the war of 1812, Impressment, the British Incitement with the… View Article

Treaty of Waitangi

With the relocation of the colonial capital to Auckland, the increased prices of goods and the course of trade reduced, many chiefs suffered economically. The Crown was held from their exclusive right of land purchase to satisfy the northern chiefs who didn’t want any restrictions on who they dealt with. The Pakeha and the Maori… View Article

Was Trade the Most Important Factor of British Empire

At the Cutty Sark I learned that the ship traded tea from China. It was able to carry 10,335 tea chests. It left from London with mining gear, beer, coal and household goods. This shows that trade was quite an important factor for the Empire because people were able to use items and foods that… View Article

The Loyalists and Their Arrival

Who were the Loyalists and what is significant about their arrival? British North America’s demographics changed when the Loyalists arrived. The English-speaking claimed for agricultural land and population increased. They strongly asked for a sufficient extent of democratic rights. A Loyalist is a person who remained faithful and supported British during the American Revolution. They… View Article