British Essay Topics

The British government in the Second World War

However, many children had bad experiences of evacuation, and this would strongly suggest that evacuation was a failure. Source B is a description of evacuation from a teacher in 1988. It says how ‘children were too afraid to talk’ and how the mothers were pressed against the iron bars calling ‘Good-bye darling’. This shows how… View Article

Embryo Screening

This also shows that only well off people can provide such procedure because of it being highly costly. Disregarding PGD financially, any faults and errors have been reported. There have been 3-5% birth detects found, from ones that have been reported. [7] There are many social and ethical issues and conflicts regarding the issue of… View Article

The making of a moonie

Outline of the research design (210 – 300) 340 Eileen Barker studied the religious group, the Moonies and looked at the truth behind the generally held beliefs about the Unification Church. She wanted to answer questions about Moonie beliefs and to see whether media claims condemning the movement as a ‘brainwashing sect’ are true. An… View Article

British Television

Soap opera is the most popular genre of television programming across the globe and has been the leading favourite of British television for the past forty-six years. The trend evolved from the radio soap operas of the 1930s and 1940s, surfacing first in the United States and later spreading across the world. It attracted large… View Article

On-British television

I have chosen two soaps to compare; I have chosen “Hollyoaks” and “The O. C. ” Hollyoaks is an on going soap, that constantly changes with the trends going on in the north of UK in Chester, this focuses its attention on students and young adults this is to attract a young audience, whereas The… View Article

Post-war inequalities in British health and education

Poverty or low disposable income often results in an inadequate environment and not only for the obvious lack of resources such as books, pens and paper. Damp housing can have severe effects on health resulting in lower school attendance rates, or low concentration levels if child is often feeling unwell. Not having an allocated area… View Article

To what extent is there a British underclass?

There is an underclass in Britain and ethnic minorities are over represented in it. Ethnic minorities occupy the least desirable jobs for worst pay, they leave in poor housing, poor schooling for their children. This leads to a cycle of poverty. According to webrian, there is a dual labour market; Rex and Tomlinson believe that… View Article

Women pre world war

The employment opportunities for women pre world war one were generally very limited. They depended very much on whether you were working class or middle class. However attitudes remained the same for both classes. They had to dress suitably showing no flesh nor go out without a chaperone and never go into a pub! These… View Article

The final Rise and Fall

Greece is the first major world power but the first great state eventually falls to the rising Roman Empire. The Romans fall as the Byzantines rise to become the greatest world power and eventually the Muslims. Next then Spain, the Dutch, French, British, and finally the United States were all known as the greatest. Specific… View Article

Is Immigration Beneficial to the UK?

This is one of the most important questions to ask about our ever changing society. Although, from my perspective, it isn’t just one question, it is many. Do we need to strain our traditionalist society by inviting lots of new cultures? Does this country need to be turned into a breeding ground for terrorism and… View Article

British newspapers

On Friday 25th October 2002, all British newspapers reported on the outcome of the trial of Alastair Irvine, the son of the Lord Chancellor, Derry Irvine. Alastair Irvine, 25 was sentenced to 16 months in prison after pleading guilty to six stalking, vandalism and gun charges arsing from his pursuit of a 19-year-old woman. By… View Article

British recruitment

Women’s rights has for a long time been topical issue. Throughout history women are portrayed as the inferior counterpart of men. Many women including those today are shown to disprove this idea . They have completed varying levels of education. They have worked for the environment for peace and leaders of important businesses. Yet still… View Article

Empire On The Development Of British

In 1715, Great Britain ended the War of the Spanish Succession as an emergent imperial power, with a new base at Gibraltar and her naval victory at Malaga. Over the next century, she became as a true world power. Her emergence as an intellectual and scientific power helped stimulate the growth of her empire, and… View Article

Impressment of British

Centuries of conflict in different places over different reasons and advocacies have bred the need for strategies in acquiring the necessary numbers for a fighting chance at battle. It is a simple concept: the more troops you have, the better chances of winning. The British for instance, adopted the Impressment system in the 17th century…. View Article