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Britain Essay Examples

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Eighteenth-Century Britain

The relationship between the Indian and British societies has given the most fundamental source of reference for scholars writing about modern India since 1947. The British ruled India through the East India Company. The Company was formed in 1600 and was mainly concered with the British trade interests. It was given rights by the then…

The 1812 U.S. War with Britain

Wars play an important role in the shaping of nations. Their understanding therefore helps in defining national histories (Zinn, 2005). Among the great wars that were fought by the United States in its earlier years as a nation was the War of 1812, in which it fought Britain. This lasted from June 1812 to spring…

Declining Economic and Military Power

As the United States prepared to enter the twenty-first century, it could reflect upon the fact that the twentieth century was truly the American century, even with its declining economic hegemony and resulting lose of military hegemony. The U. S. entry into World War I tilted the balance against the triple alliance. It was the…



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Identity cards

Introduction The issue of identification cards is currently a subject of heated debate. The matter is further complicated by the advent of terrorism and the specific terrorism threats, which continue to target Britain and its interests locally and abroad. Proponents of the ID debate support the use of Ids as a security measure aimed at…

Impacts of colonialism

Colonialism is the extension of a states power over areas beyond its borders, by dominating it s colonies labor, resources. Colonialism also involves governing of a weaker country by a stronger one. Colonialism refers to the expansion of European political influence and control over Asia, Middle East and Africa. This colonialism began as a form…

Britain In 1790

In 1790, Britain and Spain faced off over rights to exploit the Pacific. Spain seized ships and a trading post in Nootka Sound, claiming the Pacific by right of prior discovery confirmed by Papal Bulls. However, Spain found her position untenable. She needed allies, but France was in the throes of her revolution. Acknowledging the…

Level of strike incidence in Britain

Account for the much lower level of strike incidence in Britain in recent years. Are strikes ‘withering away’ as a feature of British industrial relations? Strikes are often seen as workers most powerful weapon in a dispute because of the financial loss imposed upon the employer. They can generally be defined as a ‘collective withdrawal…

The British Raj

The rise of the British Empire is why India’s economy is the third largest economy today. The British Raj has lasted many centuries and led to numerous transformations in the Indian economy. Britain changed India’s economy including, technology, agriculture, employment opportunities, and introduced the country to world trade. British imperialism made dramatic changes in India…

Britain is a sexist society

Sexism is prejudice or animosity towards gender, institutionally or personally. The term is most often used for women, but it is generally aimed for all genders. In the United Kingdom, in the past few years 72% of women claimed they got abused due to their workplaces. Compared to 67% in 2002, 72% of women said…

Newspaper article to evaluate

Newspaper article to evaluate and review the purpose of faith schools in multi-faith and multicultural Britain. Faith schools in Britain are schools that teach general national curriculums but using religious principles and aims within their teaching. The extremities of these principles vary between different faiths and different schools. The term “faith schools” was first used…

Modern Britain

Being able to come to a believable conclusion about this statement could be quite hard due to the many definitions of religion and secularisation in the first place. There are so many different definitions for these that defining it correctly once aren’t the case. However secularisation is overall seen to be the decline in importance…

Britain During The Inter-war Years

After the First World War Britain suffered economically. This was due to its material export sales being reduced as trade was severely disrupted in the war years encouraging customers to shop elsewhere for their goods such as Japan and other countries who took advantage of Britain’s uncertainty and added taxes to their imports. Britain was…

A sociological investigation into cohabitation in Britain today

In my coursework I shall conduct a sociological investigation into cohabitation in Britain today. This is expanded from my previous coursework, which updated past research into the stigmas attached to cohabitation. It interests me to investigate whether facts and opinions of cohabitation have changed over time. To achieve this aim I shall look at the…

Britishness tests

A) One reason why David Blunkett wants to introduce the ‘Britishness Tests’ is because he feels that understanding the UK’s way of life will help immigrants to take part in the British society. Assimilation is increasing as the ethnic minorities are adopting the mainstream culture of the British society. This may show that as immigrants…

World War Two in Britain

How accurate would it be to say that for children, during World War Two in Britain, evacuation was a miserable and unhappy experience? Most children had to leave their members of their families behind to go and live in the country away from the bombing. A mother of four, Charlotte, had not seen her children for…

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