Breach Essay Topics

Is Domestic Violence a Breach of Human Rights?

The problem brought forth by the unequal distribution of power in intimate relationships in developing countries has caused not only oppression but also violence against women. Criminal acts such as rape, hitting, verbal abuse and other related violent behaviors are being experienced by a significant number of women all over the world. As such, this… View Article

Breach of Employment Contract

The case involves a claim that Baril, the appellant, was dismissed by Aiken Regional Medical Centers, the Hospital where she previously worked, and such dismissal constitutes a breach of the employment contract between Baril and the Hospital. The contract the parties were referring to was the “Associate Handbook” she received from the Hospital, which contained… View Article

Breach Of Contract

Breach of contract simply means non performance without excuse or intrusion with other party’s performance with regards with bargained-for exchange or agreement made by one or more parties concerned. The claimant or the complainant in cases of breach of contract is said to be a plaintiff. It refers to a party seeking for a legal… View Article

Breach Of Acountability

Duties have become a main stay in the interactions of humans over the years. Human interactions have created room for trust, which strengths relationship. On the hand, there could be abuse of this trust in a breach; this does not strengthen, but rather weakens or in any way completely destroy such relationships. Quite a number… View Article

An Agreement to Compensate for a Past Voluntary Act Section 26(b)

In this case, Froddo has found a golden ring during a journey to Modor. Froddo took the golden ring as he knew the ring was belonged to Gandalf. Literally, Froddo did not aware about the advertisement that Gandalf advertised earlier that he has offered RM5000 for reward to those who found the ring. In this… View Article

Kilarjian v. Vastola

Plaintiff’s contended that the difference in the financing costs they experience because of the delay should be presented as damages because the breach by defendants will result in a higher financing cost. Also, plaintiffs strongly stress the breach of contract because they suffered costs and attorney’s fees as well as financing costs for the delay… View Article

Aspect of Contract & Negligence in Business

The aim of this brief article is to set out some key aspects of contract and the tort of negligence using the following headings: •The relationship between the parties •The nature of the obligation •Causation and remoteness of damage •The measure of damages. Using the same headings should remind you of the key aspects of… View Article

Business Law. Specific Performance

Business Law: Unit 6 Assignment 1 Specific Performance In the realm of contract law there are many ways of addressing breach of contract. The purpose of this paper is to analyze four separate scenarios and decide if the remedy of specific performance would be applicable to any of them. Specific performance is, “An extraordinary equitable… View Article

Analysis and Consequences of Legal Action(S)

Analisis for successful lawsuit report Purpose Per your request, our legal team, courtesy of Legal Eagles, LLP, wishes to advise you regarding your tentative legal action against Mechanics National Bank (“National Bank”). As you alleged, National Bank was negligent in their failure to remove a lien on your Lagoon Beach property. Our legal team has… View Article