Books Essay Topics

Characters are similar throughout books

Henrik Ibsen’s characters are similar throughout his books. There are pairs of characters with similarities in A Doll’s House and Ghosts. One such pair is Nora and Mrs. Alving. Both characters were unhappily married, but had other significant men in their lives. Manders and Dr. Rank both appeared as good friends to the women. This is… View Article

Books especially Great Expectations

Pip is very childlike the way Dickens describes him, almost naive and he has a large imagination.Dickens shows Pip’s naivety by telling the reader Pip believes his mothers name was ‘also Georgina’ as that was written on the gravestone. Pip is introduced when he is at the graveyard. Dickens aims for the readers empathy by telling us… View Article

Books are dead

It could be said that books are dead which leads to the question, ‘What are people doing instead? ‘ People are buying and using modern technology indeed of reading books because books are tedious. Would you rather read through a whole chapter in a book just to find an answer to a question, or type… View Article

Thinking Book Review

Book Review:                 The chapter speaks about personal barriers and the system of enculturation. Enculturation meaning the way we were raised up by our families, the culture, work and religion affecting us through the way we see things. Importantly, are the factors of acceptance in society and following those norms through your lifestyle.  The things… View Article

The Advantages of Watching Television over Reading Books

The advantages of reading – books, magazines, journals or any reading materials – have always been heralded in many studies. A lot of academicians, for one, are advocating the early training of children to read books in an effort to increase their knowledge. In the advent of modern technology, however, more and more people turn… View Article


Architecture is the style of art in which spatial configuration is most important. The way in which the body of the building situates itself on the landscape, the way in which the building rises and falls with the horizon and the way in which Vaux-le-Vicomte’s facade and garden is what this essay will seek to… View Article

A Summer’s Reading-Plot

Setting Nearly four years ago, George Stoyonovich had quit high school “on an impulse” when he was sixteen. “This summer” [the beginning of the story] is a hard time for jobs and George, now “close to twenty”, has none. Having no money to spend, he stays off the streets and spends most of the day… View Article

Library System

Bulua National High School is a leader high school in legislative District 1, located at Barangay Bulua, Cagayan de Oro City which was governed and funded with the Barangay Officials spearheaded by Pedro P. Legaspi. It was in 1970 when the secondary education, Bulua Barrio High School came to an open with two sections in… View Article

E-Books vs. Paperback Books

Recently, e-book came out and developed rapidly. In 2012, Amazon released news that it sold more e-books than paperback books in the global market in 2011. Interestingly, it was the first time more e-books than paperbacks were sold on Amazon. Some people have predicted that one day e-books will completely replace paperback books. They saw… View Article

Books and novels

Books and novels are constant sources of story or plot for so many movies. It is as if the books reinvented themselves with a new face. Though adaptation of books or novels is a prevailing reality, the question of fidelity to the original details of the story has always been the criterion for comparison. Ella… View Article

The Confession by John Grisham Analysis

My friends had always begged me to read one of John Grisham’s books ever since ninth grade. I just ignored them and read books that seemed to be interesting and adventurous. I then finally caved in and began searching for the perfect John Grisham book that sparked my attention the most. After a day of… View Article

The Good Earth Book Report

This book report is written for Humanities III, and the instructor Mr. Stiles. It is on The Good Earth, written by Pearl S. Buck. It contains 368 pages, and was published by The John Day Company. This book is historical fiction, and it has won the Pulitzer Prize for the Novel in 1932. As it… View Article

Library System

AMA student Kariz Reinalyn B. Galano ( Don Ricardo C. Lazaro, Rozmaigne Ann L. Sebastian, Kevin Patrick E. Viesca) (2012) cited in their approved thesis proposal at present ACLC has three hundred sixty five students enrolled. The institution is currently using a manual system in their Library and has weak security. Students can borrow books… View Article

Alliteracy Definition

Alliteracy is defined by Merriam-Webster’s dictionary as the quality or state of being able to read but uninterested in doing so. I, myself, am an example of the definition Merriam-Webster gives. I am fully competent of picking up a book and reading it. When I have spare time available, I could easily walk over to… View Article

First Day of School

Like you, I’m going back to school tomorrow. Unlike you, I am the professor. So I can tell you what at least one professor thinks about your concerns. First, thank you for thinking about being prepared for the first day of class. I always assume that the students have not had time yet to get… View Article