Book Essay Topics

The outset of the book

Both ‘Frankenstein’ and ‘Flowers for Algernon’ explore the themes of parenting. Shelley describes how Victor discards his paternal role and abandons his creation, which could be likened to a son. The monster, who knows nothing about his past, or even if he has one, cannot seek guidance or learn and he has no one to… View Article

Book review – cold blood

Book review of Cold Blood by the author James Fleming The surname (he is Ian’s nephew) and terse title might lead one to expect something purely commercial and hard-boiled of James Fleming’s Cold Blood. But this sequel to White Blood, though in the thriller genre, is both more idiosyncratic and awkward than that. The tone… View Article

Yeah, I’m fine, how’s my god- daughter?

“The Lord our God will never bare any pain on you no more than you can handle” I know that god will have never given me Aneekaa if he knew I couldn’t handle her, right? Aneekaa is my daughter after all and it’s me and her against the whole world, Aneekaa my darling you’re all… View Article

Book The First Of Hard Times

In book the first of Hard Times, Dickens introduces many different philosophical ideas that many believed in, in the time of Dickens’ life in England. Towns were developing around coalmines and the blast furnaces took over farming as the main employer of labour. Roads and canals were built to connect industrial areas with cities. One… View Article

A view from a bridge work book

Dear Miss Fisher, I have finished reading a view from a bridge & put notes on the power point sheets however I then looked back on it & realised it was illegible! So I wrote it up here, is that ok I’m sorry for the inconvenience, & it won’t happen again. Sorry again, Daisy 🙂… View Article

The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People

Some people call The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey, one of the most important self-help books written in the past twenty years. Others say it is one of the best business books written recent history. Regardless of whether it is called a self-help book or a business book, it has been… View Article

The book A Christmas Carol

The three ghosts add to the popularity of the novel. First of all they take Scrooge on a journey. This is popular because it gives a sense of adventure and adventure themes are very popular for example Charlotte Bronti?? ‘s Jane Eyre and Emily Bronti?? ‘s Wuthering heights. The reason these adventures were so popular… View Article

The book ‘Polar bear, Polar bear, What can you hear?’

‘Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you hear? ‘ by Bill Martin is a classic picture book which is likely to be enjoyed by young children. This is most obviously due to its large, bold and colourful illustrations. Also its repetitive and simple text makes it easy for younger readers to join in and as… View Article

To what extent do you regard

At first glance Auden’s poem the ‘Shield of Achilles’ appears to be focused on the classical world. The poem’s classical nature is first indicated by the title- Achilles was of course a famous Greek hero, and throughout the poem there are further classical references, many of which Auden has taken from Book XVIII of Homer’s… View Article

Equipment and Books

Use of persons name Specific dedication for person to know why he being recognized Public display of all awards Follow-ups Timely Manner If motivation is properly handled, employees will always be happy and the organization will retain their staff for longer time periods. Educational workplaces require books and equipment such as computers, laboratory equipments, and… View Article

First characteristic book

Willa Cather has never published a bad book. Ergo, all of her work is of the same excellence, all of it has the same importance. Speaking about her creative activity it is difficult to divide her heritage into good and bad books. Nevertheless, despite that fact the truth is that Cather’s strongest books are those… View Article

Book Review of 1491 by Charles C. Mann

With 1491:New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus Charles C. Mann has written an extremely interesting and controversial book. Beginning in 1983 Mann began to become aware that research had indicated the commonly held view of the settling of the Americas was wrong. The commonly held and taught belief that the Americas were inhabited by… View Article

“Demon in the Freezer” A Book Report

“Demon in the Freezer” by popular virus expert Richard Preston is the third book in his ‘trilogy of death.’ After zooming in on the dangers of Ebola virus in his best-selling book “The Hot Zone,” and bioengineered monkey pox in “The Cobra Event,” Preston shifts the focus to the lurking threat posed by the deadly… View Article

Art and book making

Books are integral part of everyone’s life. There are different kinds of books and each has its own purpose and meaning. Most books are intended for learning while others are for entertainment purposes and for self-expression on the part of the author. Every book is like a treasure box that is full of valuable things…. View Article

Theodore Rex by Edmund Morris

Introduction Writing this paper, I faced a challenging task of exploring, discussing and analyzing a well-written book about one of the most prominent and controversial figures in American politics and history. In the first part of my report I would like to discover basic themes and concepts of the book as well as compare and… View Article