Bond Essay Topics

Subjective exam

A) Selling price of bond The determination of the selling price of bonds is important because it helps the bondholders know the yield they will receive if they were to purchase the bond. Bonds can be issued at par, premium and at a discount. A Bond is said to be issued at par if the… View Article

Types of Bonds

The article deals with main types of government bonds involving corporate bonds, high-yield bonds and municipal bonds. Furthermore, the article deals with funds investing in bonds issues. It means that those funds don’t take any risk due to the high level of safety, though the total returns are likely to be lower than that of… View Article

Family Bond

The family system is the most conspicuous bond in the social scheme of things. This bond ties people to each other with invisible strings of love and care, each one bonded to all others in his/her entirety. The family that consists of the elder’s brothers, sisters and children are all bound to each other no… View Article

Increase Crime Among Youth

1. This is to confirm that we have allotted flat no. D4 / E 5 admeasuring 920 Sq. ft.(built up area) on the Survey No.49 A / 7 constructed by us to shri PARAG VIJAY MODI for a total consideration of Rs.12,00,000/-(Rupee Twelve Lac Only)Under an agreement for sale dated 20 /12/2012. 2. We confirm… View Article

Management of Marketable Securities

Cash and marketable securities are normally treated as one item in any analysis of current assets and holding cash in excess of immediate requirement means that the firm is missing out an opportunity income. Excess cash thus is normally invested in marketable securities, which serves two purposes namely providing liquidity and also earning a return…. View Article

Corporate Bonds – Business Finance

Bond – is defined as a long-term debt of a firm or the government set forth in writing and made under seal. Kinds of Bond 1. Government Bonds – are those issued by the government to finance its activities. 2. Corporate Bonds – are those issued by private corporations to finance their long -term funding… View Article

Corporate Bond Market in India

Foreword In the rush to produce urgent policy documents and briefing notes that any government has to do, it is easy to let matters that may not be quite as urgent to go unattended. However, the not-so-urgent often includes matters of great importance for the long-run well-being of the nation and its citizenry. Research papers… View Article

Ktm Venture Capitalist’s Exit

I. Summary of the case KTM company history KTM is a designer and manufacturer of motocross, rally and cross-country racing motorcycle that was created in 1934 in Austria. Since that time, KTM maintained a reputation for producing reliable, high quality motorcycle, and for having an expertise in manufacturing core parts. Its marketing focus has always… View Article

Bond and Curve

The first tool that we want to use to look at news, news for fixed income. So what we’ll do is we’ll navigate down to the bottom of the menu, and we’ll click on 14 NBOND for bond news. Clicking that, it’ll load a very familiar page for you. This is the news categories. And… View Article

Case Study – Angus Cartwright III

I. Case Overview Angus Cartwright III, an investment advisor, was asked to provide investment advisory services for two clients, John DeRight and Judy DeRight. They both wanted to purchase a property that (1) is large enough to attract the interest of a professional real estate management company and (2) has a minimum leveraged return on… View Article

JPMorgan Finance Group

1. Why do you think JPMorgan and Merrill Lynch were selected to underwrite and book-run all $23.3 billion in financings (all debt, common stock, and convertible), instead of sharing the underwriting with additional firms? JPMorgan and Merrill Lynch had positive reputations after they both ranked highly in convertibles and common stock underwriting. These trustworthy banks… View Article

Sally Jameson Valuing Stock Options

1. If we ignore tax consideration and assume that Sally Jameson is free to sell her options at any time after she joins Telstar, which compensation package is worth more? First scenario, if Sally chooses stock options and hold until maturity date. Ignoring the taxation and other constraints, the future value of cash compensation at… View Article

Lease versus Buy

When an individual is trying to decide whether or not to lease or buy, he or she needs to know the purchase cost, the lease cost, as well as the interest rate of a loan that will be used to purchase the item. The residual value of the item also must be known up front… View Article

Codification: Stock and Fair Value

Identify what authoritative literature addresses accounting for stock compensation plans. What are the objectives for the accounting for share based compensation? 718-10-10-1 The objective of accounting for transactions under share-based payment arrangements with employees is to recognize in the financial statements the employee services received in exchange for equity instruments issued or liabilities incurred and… View Article

Cash flow stream

?1. What is the present value of the following uneven cash flow stream ?$50, $100, $75, and $50 at the end of Years 0 through 3? The appropriate interest rate is 10%, compounded annually. PV=190.46 (SEE EXCEL FILE ATTACHED) 2. We sometimes need to find out how long it will take a sum of money… View Article