Bluetooth Essay Topics

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I have a mobile phone which I use to communicate. I use it for texting and calling people. My phone has Wi-Fi, Quad-band, infra-red and Bluetooth. I use my phone nearly everyday. It has messaging, games, the internet, a camera, a video recorder, music organiser, alarm diary, calendar, a contact diary, so that I don… View Article

Connections – How are they made?

As applications need to connect to one another it is probably appropriate to introduce how devices connect to each other. Unlike the wired technology it is designed to replace, a Bluetooth device does not have to be aware of the devices and capabilities they are attaching to. There is a built in mechanism to inquire… View Article

Classes, control and saving

This section is a grouping of elements influencing various forms of power control. The specification highlights three device power classes possible for Bluetooth radios that are related to the power range of the transmitter: • Class 1 is 100mW and up to about 100m range • Class 2 is 2. 5mW and up to about… View Article

The Bluetooth SIG and specifications

If the success of Bluetooth is measured by its initial interest alone then its prominence has already been assured. Before products were on sale, hundreds of companies joined the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) and the Bluetooth brand became recognized worldwide. Before investigating the technology further it is appropriate to comment about the role played… View Article

Features of bluetooth technology

The logo for Bluetooth is based on Runes surrounding the legend of Harald Bluetooth. Bluetooth the technology is based on communications central to man’s own personal space. Fundamentally Bluetooth operates within the Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) band at 2. 4 GHz. It is a short-range wireless communication standard defined as cable replacement for a… View Article


Blue jacking is the process of sending an anonymous message from a Bluetooth enabled phone to another, within a range of 10 meters. Not only does the recipient not know the exact source of the received message, but also blue jacking allows people to send free messages to one another without having to pay any… View Article

Vodafone in 2012: Rethinking International Strategy

The case calls for an analysis of the potential benefits from international scope in wireless telecommunications and the development of strategy recommendations for Vodafone. This case offers an opportunity to how to analyze the costs and benefits of international scope in an industry where global scale economies do not mandate an international presence. the benefits… View Article

Data on Fixed Line vs. Cellular Debate

Most wireline phone companies charge more than what you’d pay for most alternatives, and some are taxed more as well. There are some locations where getting new wired phone service is prohibitively expensive or even impossible. Long Distance and extra features like Call Waiting are normally included with alternative phones. More Features: Cellular and broadband… View Article

Trends in Global Telecommunications

INTRODUCTION Telecommunication exists everywhere, — at home, at work, at school, and even in cars – so it would be extremely difficult for anyone to be unaware of the popular trends in existing and emerging telecommunications technologies. In realizing these trends, past and present telecommunications technologies must be examined along with the measures currently being… View Article

Current and Future Market Trends

When thinking of wireless phone or internet service, the first company that probably comes to mind is Verizon Wireless. Verizon officially became a force to be reckoned with in the wireless market in 2000 when Verizon communications and Vodafone merged. Verizon states, “Verizon Communications Inc., headquartered in New York, is a global leader in delivering… View Article

Wireless network

1. What advantages does a wireless network provide Denver B-cycle? 
 1 A wireless network, gives Denver B-cycle advantages when it comes to rent and use the bikes. It is a convenient way of having to do all the transactions and renting of the bikes wireless, because it makes the process fast and very easy… View Article

Learning Team Assignment Hardware and Software

This pack of NTC 362 Week 4 Learning Team Assignment Hardware and Software Paper comprises: Time Division Multiple Access, Frequency Division, Multiple Access, and Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Computer Science – General Computer Science Write a 3- to 5-page paper comparing the advantages of Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA), Frequency Division Multiple Access (FDMA), Code… View Article

NFC technology

‡ The NFC Forum has identified three basic use cases for NFC: connection, access, and transactions. All three have application in transport. ‡ Public transport requires infrastructure for NFC Ticketing + NFC Payment ‡ Transportation Uses: ͻ Pay Parking fee ͻ Purchasing fuels ͻ Links to an up-to-date weather report website ͻ Location-relevant map ͻ… View Article

Invention of telephone

When Alexander Graham Bell first invented the telephone his intent was to create a device that would make communication over great distances easier. Today, when we want to talk to another person, what do we do? We pick up the telephone, scroll through our contacts, and press send. Because of the technology that was first… View Article

Mobile phones have become one of the greatest achievements of technology in today’s world. It helps to create an informative, connected, innovative, creative, participative and converging society. Nowadays, it is a common scene to see everyone walking around with their noses buried in their mobile phones. This report has been written because there has been… View Article