Black Death Essay Topics

How much is John Proctor responsible for his own death

“The Crucible” is set in 1692, in Salem, Massachusetts. It is written by Arthur Millar in the early 50’s. It follows the lives of a gang of teenage girls, meddling with witchcraft. Stifled by the crushing pity of their elders they end up doing strange things in the woods. The chief of the group of… View Article

Death of a Salesman

In 1949; whilst America saw the culmination of anti-communist feelings, fear of the unknown and the general hysteria which stemmed from the Cold War against Russia; playwright Arthur Miller published what was seen to be a personal criticism of the American way of life, his play, “Death of A Salesman”. Death of A Salesman tells… View Article

Black Plague

A severe headache, the chills, a bad fever, swelling, lumps, exhaustion, and blood in your urine. What could possible cause these harsh symptoms? The Black Plague, also know as the Black Death or Bubonic Plague can. This disease killed thousands of people and left many devastated. In the 1500’s the Black Plague had a huge… View Article

Black Death Cause and Effect

The Bubonic Plague or the Black Death has been in the history books since the medieval times. This deadly disease has claimed nearly 1. 5 million lives in Europe (Gottfried). The Black Death hit Europe in October of 1347 and quickly spread through most of Europe by the end of 1349 and continued on to… View Article

The Black Death

The Black Death was one of the worst pandemics in human history. In the 14th century, at least 75 million people on three continents perished due to the painful, highly contagious disease. Originating from fleas on rodents in China, the “Great Pestilence” spread westward and spared few regions. In Europe’s cities, hundreds died daily and… View Article

The Black Death

What were the short term and long term impacts of the Black Death on Medieval society? The Black Death is one of the most fatal diseases in human history and took its peak in Europe from 1348 to 1350. Half of Europe’s population was wiped out due to this disease and the short and long… View Article

Animal Testing

Abdulrahman.Bahjat AUIS August 5, 2013 “We are at war, and we will do what we need to win” (joey-gruber.tripod). There is much debate over whether animal testing should be allowed or not. Some people think that it is not essential to sacrifice animals for human benefit because they are being abused and tortured severely during… View Article

Anna’s Courage and Determination That Results in Her Eventual Emancipation

English ‘Year of wonders’ Practice essay #1 “More than anything else, it is Anna’s courage and determination that results in her eventual emancipation’. Do you agree?” The circular structure Novel “ Year of wonders” by Geraldine Brooks, details the events taking place at a small village called ‘Eyam’, through the eyes of the protagonist Anna… View Article