Birth control Essay Topics

TV remote control

knowledge, so we should accommodate this option, thus making interface simple and easy to use for a novice to expert. Systematic display system, visual display system helps in making any design intuitive. Proper use of colors and color combinations also plays important role while making an intuitive design. Perceptible Information: design should be able to… View Article

Enemy command and control

Information is a strategic asset and that the absence of critical information can spell the difference between success and failure in the modern political or military arena. Therefore, the capability to provide or deny critical information may be considered the pinnacle of military or strategic power. Information warfare is an orchestrated effort to achieve victory… View Article

Population Control

INTRODUCTION The myth of overpopulation is one of the most pervasive myths in Western society, so deeply ingrained in the culture that it profoundly shapes the culture’s world view. The myth is compelling because of its simplicity. More people equal fewer resources and more hunger, poverty, environmental degradation, and political instability. This equation helps explain… View Article

Condom Availability in High Schools

In 1991 the New York City Board of Education created a program to make condoms accessible to all high school students upon request. The program caused parental disagreement and the school board was taken to court. Parents claimed that making condoms available to students was a health service and could not be provided to students…. View Article

Condom Distribution to Teens

Over the past 30 years, condom distribution has not effectively helped against sexually transmitted diseases (STD) or teen pregnancies because condoms are used incorrectly or not at all. The question remains: does it encourage teens to engage in sex by pushing condoms in their hands? We will explore the effectiveness of the program, taxpayer views,… View Article

Birth control Persuasive Paper

While in high school classes all day, teachers talk about the same math, science, and numerous other subjects, but they always seem to either through sex education or not talk about it at all. Sex education should be taken a step further in high school today. Many teenagers are no aware nor are they educated… View Article

Ethical Issue of the Contraceptive Mandate

The issue of the contraception mandate may be one of the biggest political stories of the year. It is a law brought forward by the Obama administration that requires all employers to offer contraceptive coverage. This has been a requirement for all company healthcare coverage programs for many years already but religious affiliates have been… View Article

Planned Parenthood

Many people believe that Planned Parenthood is just a clinic for abortions, but in reality it serves a much greater purpose. For nearly 100 years, Planned Parenthood has worked to improve women’s health and safety and to advance the right and ability of individuals to manage his or her fertility regardless of income, race, ethnicity,… View Article

Nuva Ring

In the 1950s there was immensely uncomfortable and inappropriate for people to touch the genital area. The vaginal ring, “NuvaRing” would undoubtedly be rejected in those days of modesty and morals. Fortunately for the founders of the new alternative to oral contraceptives, the people of the late 20th and early 21st century have a completely… View Article

Humanae Vitae Reflection

Humanae Vitae – Encyclical Letter on the regulation of birth As a Roman Catholic, I have been raised to believe what the Church has taught for centuries. As we are living in Humanae Vitae, surely challenges will arise for some people in today’s society when they read this text. Although I had difficulty seeing one… View Article

Why Hate Rh Bill?

“Everything is a choice. And everyone has a choice.” Senate Bill 2865 or popularly known as the Reproductive Health Bill (RH Bill) has been a popular argument and a motion on a debate. Why do we have to talk about this? Why should it be passed? RH Bill tackles about usage of condoms, availability of… View Article

The Fight

Sixteen-year-old Jayd Jackson is nobody’s fool. Street-smart, book-smart, and life-smart, she knows when somebody’s trying to jack her, or just plain play her–even someone as fine as her (ex) man KJ. And she knows how to survive the streets of Compton. The girl’s got it going on. What she doesn’t know is how to play… View Article

Should Condoms be Distributed in Schools?

One of the most frequently debated topics is, “Should Condoms be Distributed in Schools?” The majority of people say yes and no. However, a proper conclusion has to be attained. Some say no because of the perception of encouraging teenagers to have sex, but I oppose that opinion and think they should be distributed in… View Article

The Morning After Pill

There are many reasons a woman may become pregnant and a child is unwanted. It could be due to unprotected sex, failed contraception, being raped, being assaulted, and simply failing to be informed. There has been a pill made available to women as young as 15 years old who may find themselves in these situations…. View Article

Birth control

Abortion is wrong and unjust housands of women throughout the world obtain abortions every year. The decision to have an abortion is life altering and can have an enormous impact on a woman’s future health and well being. The reasons for having an abortion vary from woman to woman. The fact that a woman has… View Article