Bird Essay Topics

“I know why the caged bird sings”

After a childhood full of cruelties, disappointments, and being raped at the hands of her mother’s boyfriend, Maya Angelou survived and became the most important civil, human, and Women’s Rights Activist. After her rape she was silent for 5 years, and only through the encouragement of her grandmother did she start to write and act…. View Article

Hycanith Macaw vs Bald Eagle

The Hyacinth Macaw(Blue Parrot) and the Bald Eagle are both majestic birds in the world. The Hyacinth Macaw is the largest parrot in the world and it has the prettiest bright blue feather birds in the world. The Bald Eagle nickname is Sea Eagle and it is the national bird of the United States. Both… View Article

Poetry and Nature

Wordsworth is one among the best five poets in English. He wrote many poems and most of them are best known for its treatment of love for nature. “The Daffodils”, “Lines Written in Early Spring”, “To the Cuckoo”, and “My Heart Leaps Up” are very few of his poems in which the role of nature… View Article

Agricultural Science

The poultry house was properly sanitized in order to keep the chicks healthy and warm in all weather conditions. This was also done to keep away diseases from the chicks. The poultry house was erected at an east – west orientation. * Tools were collected (e.g. broom, empty bags, disinfectant, shovel) * Old litter was… View Article

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

The idiom “to kill two birds with one stone” is used to describe achieving two objectives at the same time. The term references a common hunting tool, the slingshot; slingshots continue to be used to hunt small birds, and at one point, they were very common. As you might imagine, killing one bird with a… View Article