Biology Essay Topics

Four characteristics of Biomedical model

1) biologistic – reduces illness to natural to natural biological processes – seeks out a single, clearly identifiable pathogen – loses sight of the social context of the disease 2) mechanistic – insists on a conceptual separation of body and mind – conceives of the body as a machine made up of interrelated parts –… View Article

Biological oxygen demand (BOD) of water sample analysis

Qualitative data: – Collected sample was very murky – The first end point colour was of a yellow colour, perhaps not light enough – Addition of starch indicator produced a grey-black solution; perhaps did not add enough indicator, however this did not pose as a problem – There was one occasion where I suspected to… View Article

Adaptations to cold conditions in Mammals

Planning In this investigation I will depict adaptations/features, which mammals in cold places have, to reduce heat that they lose. Bigger animals have greater volume to carry out cellular respiration to produce heat. Cellular respiration is food (glucose) + Oxygen –> Carbon Dioxide + Water +Energy (heat). More cells = Big volume, the greater the… View Article

Gender and subject choice

To carry out these interviews, I would take a sample of 20 sixth-formers, preferably within my own sixth-form to allow easier, speedier access and consisting equally of both males and females. In order to do this I would use quota sampling, this is a way in which variables can be controlled and the participants with… View Article

Psychology and Biology

The essay will begin with an introduction to each approach, giving main assumptions and supporting evidence. Following this, the two theories will be compared and contrasted, looking at strengths and weaknesses. In conclusion there will be a short explanation of the main areas of similarity, and differences Psychology and its many definitions has changed radically and… View Article

Eukaryotic Transcriptional Activator

Introduction             Much of what was initially known about transcription came from pioneering prokaryotic transcription studies that followed the1959 discovery of RNA polymerase. During those earlier times, it was presumed that gene structure and transcription in bacteria were practically the same for eukaryotes. This later turned out to be incorrect since eukaryotic DNA assumes higher-order… View Article

The Importance of the Pelvic Girdle in the Rise of Birds from Reptiles

Abstract      This paper presents a discourse on the role of the pelvic girdle in the evolution or rise of birds from reptiles.  The evolution of birds will be presented first as introduction followed by the laying down of the similar characteristics of birds and reptiles.  The similarities between birds and reptiles are significant in… View Article

Kingdom of Life

The Kingdom of Monera is the smallest in size in the biological world but are the most in terms of numbers. They can be found almost everywhere on earth. Monerans are the only kingdom of the prokaryotic type, organisms that lack a nucleus. The most common of this kind is the bacteria, which most people… View Article

The Reproductive System

Human’s reproductive system undergoes through a sexual reproduction wherein the sperm cells secreted by the male reproductive organ meets the egg cell which fertilizes inside a female reproductive organ. In the case of Human who are considered as viviparous kind of organism, we are considered as life-bearing organisms wherein the young organisms or babies spend… View Article

The Replacement and Cosntinuity Models

Paleonthropologists generally use the following 2 models to explain the origins of modern humans. The replacement model The continuity model        Each of these models has its basis that could be traced back to hundred of years ago. The two models would be discussed explicitly with the use of examples for easy understanding. The Replacement… View Article

The role of ghrelins

Ghrelin is a general name for a class of hormones found in the gastrointestinal tract of vertebrates. It is a preprohormone containing a chain of 28 amino acid peptides. During synthesis, a modification arises whereas n-octanoic acid is bound to one of its amino acids. This makes it capable of playing its biological role. Ghrelins… View Article

Thermo Answers

Answer 8:  I am not getting answer correct as the electron donor used by Alcohol                   Dehydrogenase is NADH and FAD is not evolved in it. Answer 9:  FAD is used in neutralization of free radicals as it has higher oxidation                    potential than other and can easily reduced by free radicals. Answer 10: The… View Article

Topoisomerases Case

Topoisomerases are enzymes that can change the linking number of the DNA and therefore play a critical role in regulating cellular DNA topology. These enzymes enable cells to deal with the mechanical and topological problems associated with manipulating duplex DNA by introducing transient breaks in the phosphodiester backbone of a DNA molecule. This paper examines… View Article

Tropical Birds

Have you seen birds that eat poisonous fruits but don’t get poisoned? The scarlet macaw is a kind parrot that lives in the rain forest. It is one of the longest, about three feet from its head to the tip of its tail. Aside from being one of the longest, they also have bright colors… View Article

Understanding omega-3’s

To-date, many studies have been conducted to validate and understand the effect of omega-3’s in primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Omega-3’s have attracted attention as potential triglyceride lowering and cardioprotective agents. They are a special group of polyunsaturated fatty acids found abundantly in marine sources (fatty fish) as eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docohexaenoic… View Article