Big Families Essay

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Big Families

Do you think there were more advantages or disadvantages to being part of a large family in the past? I think that there are advantages but also disadvantages. It is an advantage because the family is a present that God gives to us for all the life, we have to take care of it and make it stronger as the years pass ; they are our support always, in good and bad moments, even when we don’t ask for help they are there giving a hand. We can count with them at all times, with no exceptions because there is a blood tie but also, and more important, there is an affective bond; which is stronger than any other link in the world. On the other hand, there are some disadvantages too.

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When there is a conflict in the family, people can separate for a while because you need to calm down, take a breath and think the things well. Another weak point is to agree in a meeting point, because putting together a big amount of people is hard, taking into account the different activities and responsibilities of each individual; For example: In a birthday, in Christmas, for vacations or in any special date. I also consider that is a disadvantageous circumstance when we have a problem with a member of the family, and the rest of it starts criticizing you. Another difficulty can be presented when a family (mom and dad) have a lot of kids, and a bad economic situation, because of lack of food and lots of discomforts. In conclusion I can say that having a large family has a lot of benefits, but we have to deal with little problems that could be present with time.

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