Big Brother Essay Topics

How is 1984 terrifying?

This brings in the relationships between Winston and Oi?? Brien. At first, they seem to have taken to each other, but in the end we find out that Oi?? Brien double-crossed Winston and that he couldni?? t trust someone he thought was his friend. The party did not want people to trust or have feelings… View Article

To what extent does Dead Set

Horror films generally incorporate a set of codes and conventions which make it clear to the audience which type of genre the film belongs to. Dead Set follows conventional horror film narratives in that many of the codes and conventions shown within the narrative are depicted to an effect that suggests crucial aspects of the… View Article

Hollyoaks and targeted

My soap opera is going to be on channel 4 because my soap is going to be similar to Hollyoaks and targeted at a younger audience. It’ll be aimed at younger people because my cast is mostly young adults or late teens, but their will also be older characters to play the motherly/fatherly figures. My… View Article

Ahmadou Bamba and Mouride Brotherhood

“Work on earth as if you will never die and obey the divine rules as if you were going to die immediately. ” These were the words of the19th century Muslim Sheikh, Ahmadou Bamba Mbacke from Senegal who was the founder of Mouride brotherhood6. At the present, over four million Muslims in Senegal are members… View Article

Reality TV VS Real Life TV

Reality TV vs. Real Life TV One of the main sources of news and entertainment is television. Every household has a television set in their home which the family consumes hours watching. Many reality TV shows are based on shallow and vague values. The growing trend in television now for our culture is “REALITY TV”… View Article

Reality TV – Creative or Cruel

Reality TV: Cruel or Creative? Why do you watch reality TV? Perhaps it is interesting to see a lifestyle very different from yours. Perhaps it fills a room with your laughter to see how a person on TV can be so ignorant. Perhaps it makes you babble with all the gossip it causes. But just… View Article

1984. vs. Animal Farm

1984 vs. Animal Farm George Orwell, the man behind two best-selling novels; 1984 and Animal Farm, follows the idea that the establishment of an elite power in a society produces hopelessness and fear. George Orwell is an author commonly known for his politically influenced works regarding socialism. In Animal Farm, Orwell portrayed an uprise of… View Article