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Annotated Bibliography

In this report, Hanna Rosin argues that increasing taxes on junk foods may encourage people to purchase healthy fruits and vegetables instead of high-fat, sugary snacks. According to Rosin, researchers have conducted experiments that tested whether people would choose low-priced healthy foods over regular-priced junk foods in vending machines and in high schools. In each… View Article

Annotated Bibliography

1. Cessna SG, Sears VE, Dickman MB, Low PS (2000):  Oxalic acid, a pathogenicity factor for Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, suppresses the oxidative burst of the host plant.  Plant Cell. 12(11):2191-200. The research carried out by Cessna et al. provides a description on the mechanisms behind oxalic acid in relation to oxidative burst in plants.  They provide… View Article

Tiffles Annotated Bibliography

Alkalay-Gut, Karen. “Jury of Her Peers: The Importance of Trifles.” Studies in Short Fiction 21 (Winter 1984): 1-9. In this deeper look into ‘Trifles,’ Karen goes through the plot and discusses what you should pay more attention too. She describes the symbolism in some of the objects as well as explain the scenes and their… View Article

Anotated Bibliography No Child Left Behind

What the paper “What’s Missing from No Child Left Behind? A Policy Analysis from a Social Work Perspective.” argues is that the No Child Left Behind bill might not be accomplishing its purpose. Moreover, the paper sheds light on the social and emotional risk factors that prevent students from succeeding in school. In the end,… View Article

P.F. Strawson

P. F. Strawson gives us two different types of attitudes in the work “Freedom and Resentment. ” These views, which can be taken towards people, are reactive and objective. Reactive attitudes are those attitudes that people experience when they are involved with relationships with other people. In the reactive attitude, people are interwoven and involved… View Article

Annotated Bibliography

This research study investigated the increasing number of violence related arrests of adolescent girls which have become a social concern as it appears that girls today are becoming more violent as compared to boys, which also meant that the gender gap between violence is also closing. The concern over the increase of violence in girls… View Article

Annotated bibliography on “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid

Jamaica Kincaid’s story “Girl” provides a brief glimpse on the demanding and strict parenting style, used by Caribbean people only twenty years ago. The short story is composed of a series of instructions and prescriptions and obviously it lacks encouragement and empowerment and points to the considerable distance between the daughter and the mother. Structurally,… View Article

How to Take Notes from Reading (retrieved on 16/06/13) The instructions that are given in that website are accurate and reliable because they provide readers with good strategies that should be followed in taking notes from reading books, articles, and so on. These strategies are commonly used among readers. Readers should read just the abstract, introduction, and conclusion to get… View Article

New York Times Annotated Bibliography

6 September, 2008. “U. S. Jobless Rate Rises Past 6%, Highest Since ‘03. ” Uchitelle, Louis. New York Times. This article informs about the fact that the unemployment rate reached its highest level since 2003; causing workers to worry about the fact that many of them will be jobless and also centers on the high… View Article

Library Assignment

Getting Started HINT: Instead of printing out this document, view it online. That way you can click on the embedded links to go to the various links and tutorials. Before starting these activities, be sure your computer has Macromedia Flash Player and Adobe Shockwave installed. Most Ivy Tech regions have access to the main Virtual… View Article

A Strategy is Born

The events that were described in this case study sounds to me as if they started off with the planning model of Rational Planning. I say this due to the fact that all the right parties were alerted to what needed to be done with goals being said and set to be put into place… View Article

What is a style guide?

Is adhering to a style guide important? Why or why not? A style guide is a set of rules to follow for writing. We adhere to the style guide to ensure our work is consistent. There are several writing types such as technical, commercial, journalism etc. We used a technical style guide to ensure that… View Article

Major Works Data Sheet

MLA Book Citation: |Biographical information about author: | |Tan, Amy. The Bonesetter’s Daughter. New York: Putnam, 2001.|(Last Name, First. Title. Place of Publication: Publisher, original |publication date. ) |Genre: Point of View: Plot Summary Outline: (Two sentences each) | |Exposition/Background: Initial Conflict: |Rising Action: Crisis/Climax: |Falling Action: Characteristics of the genre: |Historical information about the… View Article

Sample Annotated Bibliography

1. Trossman, Susan RN (2006). Rx for Medical Marijuana? : Promoting research on and acceptance of this treatment option for patient. [Miscellaneous Article] Vol. 106 Issue 4 Page 77. AJN American Journal of Nursing. Susan promotes and publicize advances in clinical research. Her opinion and thoughts does not conflict medical science not to put her… View Article

Book Report Format

Topic Format: I.Introduction a.Answer the following questions about the story: i.What is the book’s plot? (provide a short summary) ii.What is the author’s name and personal background? iii.Which other books or stories have they written or co-written? iv.Why did you choose this book? v.Upon finishing it, did the book meet your expectations? II.Body a.Explain the… View Article