Biblical Essay Topics

Balanced and Biblical worldview

The author sees the root of all human problems in a spiritual perspective. It is a viewpoint that understands that to minister with efficacy, it is vital that the practitioner or minister has a mature comprehension with regards the biblical worldview and aware as well, of the established worldviews in the marketplace especially in the… View Article

Biblical rationale for koinonia

The term ‘Koinonia’, a Greek word, occurs around 20 times in New Testament. Each of these verses give one or more aspects of the Koinonia as implied by the original Greek term. Koinonia is mostly translated in English New Testament as ‘Fellowship’. The meaning of the Greek word takes many forms – Fellowship, close relationship,… View Article

A Biblical Approach to Crisis Intervention

This world has its share of calamities, accidents, bombing incidents, and terrorist attacks. These are perhaps inevitable circumstances and expected to create the appropriate responses from people. However much they anticipate times when their world stops because of an accident, these times (otherwise known as crisis), people still find the incident/s extra difficult (Compton et… View Article

Creation – Scientific View Vs. Biblical View

The advancement of science has raised questions over the biblical view of creation. A lot of scientists are now questioning the authenticity of the long-held beliefs about creation. According to Mark 10:6, ‘Jesus said: But from the beginning of the creation, God made them male and female”. ’ Also, John 1:1-3 says, “In the beginning… View Article

Biblical Assignment

This is an assignment is all about how we interpret Bible. What is the need to interpret it? There is a need of interpreting bible but what is the reason behind it. We have to spot out that reason. There is another argument which will ask the reason of authors supporting the idea of ‘doing… View Article

Biblical Counseling

The term biblical counseling never appear anywhere in the Bible, thus creating the dilemma defining the term. However, the words such as counsel, wisdom, and advice do appear. Walter A. Elwell (1988) defines counsel as “advice” especially legal matters. ” It was derived from the Latin word consilium from con-solere meaning to consult. Counseling therefore… View Article