“Hello, I am obsessed with a great desire to share with you one vivid moment of my life. It was summer, which I have devoted to traveling…” Such sentences can be a good beginning of your reflective essay. It goes without that saying, our life is a treasury that hides numerous mysteries. There are moments when we want to reveal some of them, and the best way to do it is to write such type of writing. You have a chance to find out some information about this essay and choose a topic for your future creation. Keep reading and enjoy!

What Is a Reflective Essay?

It is a type of academic writing where the narrator presents to the reader an overview of his personality, shares experience, and reflects on the bright moments of life. Moreover, this is a work that can contain the information about people that have changed your life. The most significant advantage of the reflective writing is that you are the master of its structure and idea. Nevertheless, do not abuse it as the final result should be informative and qualitative. Perhaps, you will have some difficulties with the choice of the main topic for discussion. We have prepared for you several useful tips that will inspire you to create.

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How to Choose a Good Reflective Essay Topic?

This question is rather controversial. Nevertheless, follow our small guide and avoid troubles while writing.

–    The topic should coincide with your interests. It means that you can reflect on your favorite novel or film.

–    Focus attention on your experience. You can write about places that you have visited or book that you have read.

–    Describe your personality. Do not forget to illustrate your inner world and features of character. Moreover, you can describe your mother as a person who influences your life.

So, now you are armed for writing.