Bengal Essay Topics

Historical Places of Bangladesh

The Dhakeshwari Temple is a famous ancient temple, arguably the most prominent temple of Dhaka as well as the most important Hindu place of worship in Bangladesh. It is also said that the name of the city itself as coined after the temple. It is situated on the northern side of the Dhakeshwari Road near… View Article

Emergence of a new nation In a multipolar world: Bangladesh

Analysis of a long period (1947-1971) needed for the independence of Bangladesh is mainly depicted in this book. Analysis of why and how Bangladesh was emergent as a sovereign country in the world is also illustrated here. Number of both internal and external factor that led the liberation war of 1971 also plays a vital… View Article

National Culture

National culture is the value system and pride associated with a nation. Many people deny their national culture when they move to a new location, and embrace the national culture of their new home. Characteristics of culture As one might expect, all cultures must share several characteristics if ‘’culture’’ is to be differentiated from other… View Article

Berger Paints Bangladesh ltd

There are a large number of multi-national companies operating their businesses in Bangladesh. Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited is one of them. In fact, it is one of the leading multi-national companies in our country. Almost since the early inception of Bangladesh, it has been here with a view to produce high quality standard paints. In… View Article

The Slave Dynasty

Ghiyas-ud-din Balban (1200-1287) was born in the Ilbari tribe of Turkey. At an young age, he was captured by the Mongols and sold to Khwajah Jamal-ud-din Basri of Baghdad. Later he was purchased by Iltutmish and brought to Delhi. From the beginning, he was in the good books of his master. He became one of… View Article