Beliefs and teachings of Christianity and Islam Essay

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Beliefs and teachings of Christianity and Islam


In this essay I will be exploring the beliefs and teachings about Jesus and Christianity. Also investigating Islam and Tawhid, this is the oneness of Allah and Judgement day. Then how these beliefs and teachings have reflected in believer’s attitudes towards life after death. Then finally I will put across my opinion and what others opinion to this may be on the following statement.

” People who have a religious faith lead better lives than people who have no faith, because they see life differently “

A) Explain the beliefs and teachings of Christianity and Islam.

In Christianity: Jesus

In Islam: Tawhid and Akirah

Tawhid is the oneness of Allah. The one and only universal God of all humanity. The Tawhid reinforces Islam as a monotheistic faith. Allah cannot be described in certain terms, the Quran warns Muslims that they shouldn’t do this as there is only one God in Islam,

” I am Allah there is no God but me”

If a Muslim is not to believe this then they are not a true Muslim. This is called Anthropomorphism. Allah is far beyond human understanding. He is not abstract and Allah created everything. To suggest you own something is breaking Tawhid. Or to think that you are better than anyone or anything also breaks Tawhid and breaks the teaching from the Quran

” We are all equal like the tooth of a comb”

Akirah is Judgement by Allah,

” He will gather you again on the day of judgement ” (Quran)

Judgement day happens when the world comes to an end and Allah judges every Muslim. When Muslim dies they go into a state of waiting this is called Barzakh. Life is a test, preparation for the afterlife, this is more important as it is for eternity. Paradise and hell is where Allah sends a Muslim after being judged. Throughout a Muslims life two angels, A good one and a bad one watches them. They record all actions that happen in every day life and these are read out at judgement day. A Muslim can go straight to heaven if they die in a Holy war, Fight in the name of Allah or if they were to die on the hajj.

Jesus was the founder of Christianity, the Son of God and prophet messenger from God many people in his times referred to him as the Messiah, the anointed one, chosen to be king. He is part of the trinity, the human form of God.

Jesus spread the message of God and Christianity. He taught people his knowledge and teachings of the religion. He showed how to forgive. Mary Magdalene, a prostitute fell to Jesus’ feet, He said whilst he was on the cross.

” Father forgive them for they no not what they do.”

He also taught his people not to judge others.

” Do not judge and you will not be judged “

Christians have a golden rule this should be used in everything that they do.

” Love your Neighbour as Yourself “

B) How these teachings and beliefs reflected in believers attitudes towards life after death.

Christians believe in forgive and reform. Christians can correct their sins. Jesus showed the way to heaven, by following his teachings. Jesus showed life after death when he resurrected from the death. Jesus taught Christians for God to give you life after death, you have to prove your faith by actions and putting the teachings of Jesus into a Christians daily life. So Christians did this. Then they would be rewarded with heaven.

Christians do not believe in the death penalty as they believe in forgiveness and reform to become a better person.

When a Christian dies they are also judged but in a different way. If they have been good and are truly sorry for their sins they can go to heaven. If they commit a sin and are not truly sorry they will go to Hell.

You cannot separate religion and politics in Islam, Muslim beliefs affect a Muslims life as Islam is complete way of life. Life is just preparation for the afterlife, Heaven or hell. Muslims are all expected to be equal. For example4, the rich must donate money to the poorer Ummah.

You cannot separate life and religion. The main ways a Muslim submits to Allah is by following his teachings in the Quran and the 5 pillars. Akirah is a main influence of believers of Islam. As this is on a Muslims actions and everything they do as preparation for paradise does count on judgement day.

Muslims take life after death very seriously. They follow strictly to Allah’s instructions found in the Quran. To give them a place in paradise. Remember life is only a test. If they pass a reward of Paradise (heaven).

C) ” People who have a religious faith lead better lives than people who have no faith, because they see life differently “

How far do you agree?

Give reasons for your answer, showing that you thought about more than one point of view.

Refer to religious teachings

I agree and disagree with this statement. I agree that people who have no faith see life differently to than those who have. But I disagree that people who have a religious faith lead better lives.

I could say this statement isn’t true as a quote from the bible says,

” We are all one In the lord Jesus Christ.” if we are all one why does that statement state that people that have a religious faith have a better life than those that don’t.

Although I disagree with ” People who have a religious faith lead better lives than people who have no Faith. “

I can understand why this is said. In some cases some people prefer to always know what is going to happen. If they have a fixed faith such as Islam. They no what they have to do to achieve there goal of going to Paradise and therefore can prepare for this. If someone has no fixed faith and doesn’t follow any particular religion they are always unsure of what will happen in their future life and whether there is a future life. And how to respond to this. But I understand that others may prefer to have an undecided Future.

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